To serve you and your students the best we can, we have begun using a tool called This powerful and free tool allows us to communicate more effectively with our applicants' high schools in a variety of ways.

We are excited to share information about your students' admission process at Ball State. We are able to update you more readily and in real time while providing a platform for application material submission.

If you haven't already, please register your school on and ensure that any other staff members who may need access to create an account as well.

Register on

After You Register

Once you have access, here's what you can do with

  • View applicant information, material checklists, and status updates in real time.
  • Update and share information about your high school on your school profile.
  • Manage and approve accounts for other staff members at your school.
  • Create and manage school visits and college fairs that college representatives can sign up for.

This is a very brief introduction to, and we encourage you to learn more about the different functions of this tool.

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You will be able to access application information for any student from your school that applies to Ball State. You can view their application status, decision, and application checklist, which will list any missing materials the student still needs to submit.

  • Awaiting Submission – The applicant has not yet submitted their application.
  • Awaiting Payment – The applicant has submitted their application but has not yet paid their application fee.
  • Awaiting Materials – The applicant has submitted their application and paid the application fee but still has at least one required application material missing.
  • Awaiting Decision – The applicant has completed their application and submitted all required application materials. At this point, we will review the application and make a decision within four to six weeks.
  • Decided – The application has been reviewed and the applicant has received a decision (detailed below).
  • Admit – The applicant has been admitted to Ball State.
  • Admit/Decline – The applicant has declined their offer of admission to Ball State, which also cancels their application.
  • Cancel – The applicant has cancelled their application to Ball State.
  • Deposit Pending – The applicant has confirmed their enrollment to Ball State but has not yet paid their enrollment deposit.
  • Confirmed – The applicant has confirmed their enrollment and paid their enrollment deposit to Ball State.
  • Deny – The applicant has been denied admission to Ball State.
  • Department Decision – The applicant has a decision made on a departmental application (the student can find this decision on their applicant status portal).
  • Waitlist – The applicant has been put on our waitlist. Their application will be re-evaluated upon submission of updated materials (transcripts or test scores).

You'll also be able to upload letters of recommendation for your students. We are still requesting that transcripts be submitted through Parchment or another secure online submission service.


If you have any questions for us, do not hesitate to reach out. We'd be happy to help! Call our office at 1-800-482-4278 or email us.