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Charles Haynes

Charles Haynes
Associate Director of Admissions for Diversity and Community Outreach


Matt Housley
Assistant Director of Admissions for Diversity


Dana Connell

Dana Connell
Administrative Coordinator for Diversity and Community Outreach



21st Century Scholars

Ball State University is proud to partner with the Indiana Commission of Higher Education’s 21st Century Scholar Program. This tab will allow you to not only learn more about Ball State’s involvement with the Scholar Program but also connect you to resources that will be valuable in your high school career.

As many of you know, this process starts well before you come to a college campus as a freshman. You can learn more about 21st Century Scholarship Program here. If you are a student who is not enrolled and would like to learn more click here. If you have specific questions regarding the Scholarship Program you can reach out to your regional representative directly. Below is some direct information regarding Ball State’s coordination with the 21st Century Scholar Program.

At Ball State your 21st Century Scholarship will cover:

  • Tuition
  • University Mandatory Fees

At Ball State your 21st Century Scholarship will not cover:

  • Rooming Costs
  • Meal Plan Costs
  • Book Costs

Ball State’s Merit Based Scholarships can cover rooming and meal costs. FAFSA awarded aid can go towards those costs as well as most costs associated with attending a university full time. You can reach out to askus@bsu.edu for Merit Scholarship questions and finaid@bsu.edu for questions regarding FAFSA.

Ball State also has continued support for our 21st Century Scholars once they arrive on campus. Cardinal Central offers personal and educational support services for current Scholar Students on our campus. Their staff are dedicated to ensuring that if you come to Ball State for your education that you have the tools and support you may need to be successful.

Register for a virtual 21st Century Scholar Information Session

Senior Scholars is an academic-intensive, residential, diversity and inclusion program for bright, curious, and creative underrepresented students. Participants will stay in our residence halls, attend classes, learn from dedicated Ball State faculty who are leaders in their field, explore many of our university’s traditions of excellence, and attend various educational and extracurricular activities each day.

This program is a targeted summer college immersion program for rising high school seniors. Students who complete the Senior Scholars Program are eligible to receive one college credit if they are admitted and choose to enroll at Ball State University as an incoming freshman in the Fall of 2022. Senior Scholars Counselors, who are current Ball State Students, will guide you through this week-long program meant to show you the life of Ball State Cardinal! 

Current Senior Scholar Students

We are sorry that your summer program could not go as planned. We want to continually engage with you throughout the Fall as you begin this college search process. Every month you can look forward to a newsletter being posted below that will give you updates, insight and valuable information regarding Ball State and your journey through the application process. Always be sure to check your emails for updates and events that are exclusive to you to connect with one another. I also encourage you to check out our “Connect to Campus” tabs for virtual information sessions about the admissions process, financial aid, connecting with current students and many of our academic areas.


Interested in Becoming a Senior Scholar?

School administrators, teachers and staff will serve as nominators for students to be a part of this program. Each high school can nominate up to 15 students for this program but please note that it does not guarantee that all the students nominated will be selected to apply for the program. If your students are selected to apply, the student will be directly notified by The Office of Admissions. Nominations are currently closed and will re-open in February of 2021 for the 2021 Summer Program. If you are interested, notify your school counselor of the opportunity and have them reach out to Matt Housley, mdhousley@bsu.edu for more information.

Minimum criteria for students who can be nominated:

  • Student must come from an underrepresented background. (for the purpose of this program, underrepresented is defined as ethnicity, first-generation, 21st Century Scholar, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status)
  • Student must be graduating in 2022
  • Student should be interested in attending college upon graduation
  • Student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.3+ on a weighted 4.0 scale
  • Student must have completed two of these four courses: Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2, Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II. 
  • Student must be actively involved in their community or school extracurriculars

The Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center supports and advances the university’s commitment to cultural diversity by:

  • Serving as a resource for the recruitment, retention, and enrichment of students of color
  • Promoting multicultural understanding through opportunities for cross-cultural connections
  • Providing programs and services to address the co-curricular needs of all students
  • Celebrating the historical contributions of diverse groups 



The Office of Inclusive Excellence

At Ball State, we celebrate inclusive excellence as part of our community and culture.

Inclusive Excellence is designed to help colleges and universities integrate diversity, equity, and educational quality efforts into their missions and institutional operations.



The Office of Retention and Graduation

The start of college life can be an exciting—but challenging—experience for any student. However, we recognize at Ball State that certain groups of students have their own, unique circumstances that many others don’t necessarily encounter. That is why our office provides services and resources for those of you who are 21st Century Scholars, commuters, or transferring from another college or university.



The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a short-term, focused treatment agency. If it appears at the time of "intake," or at any later time, that you need and/or want long-term therapy, your counselor will help you in locating professional help off-campus.

We also offer a wide variety of small thematic and therapy groups, as well as workshops. If it's determined that one of these services will best meet your needs, it will be recommended.



Asian American Student Association (AASA)

The organization first became official March 26, 1991.

Asian American Student Association, formerly known as Asian Student Association, is a group of students whose purpose is to provide cultural and educational programming about Asian American history, culture and interests, according to its Benny Link profile.

Its primary goal is to “provide cultural pride and facilitate the development of campus environment conducive to cultural appreciation.” The organization does this through programming including education speakers, comedy shows and cultural games.

Black Student Association (BSA)

Ball State’s Black Student Association was officially recognized as an organization May 22, 1969.

The organization, formerly known as Black Student Union, aims to develop close cooperation among black students and other campus organizations, according to its Benny Link profile.

There, the organization does work to promote its mission to “aide in the growth and development of Ball State collegiate students through a series of culturally, socially, and academically focused discussions and programs from a unique African-American perspective.”

In order to achieve this mission, BSA hosts various events throughout the year where students can grow through community service, campus involvement and professional development. These events also help the group “develop and promote unity within the minority community and intensify the Black voice,” at Ball State, according to its Benny Link.

Latinx Student Union (LSU) 

Before it officially became recognized as a student organization on May 1, 1987, Latinx Student Union (LSU) was an interest group called Hispanic Student Association, according to its Bennylink page. 

Originally, the group’s goal was to establish the North American Hispanic Association. Later, the group became known as La Allianza De Estudiantes Lationos (The Alliance of Latino Students, LADEL). In 1999, LADEL became the Latino Student Union and in November 2016 the organization voted to change its name to Latinx Student Union to be more inclusive. 

Today, LSU works to “promote the identity and unity of Latinx students at Ball State University through intellectual, cultural, and social growth,” according to its Benny Link. 

Members of LSU don’t have to be Latinx and can participate in the organization’s various events throughout the year, including Fiesta on the Green, Latinxpalooza, Immigrants' Workshop, Food for Thought, Unity Week and United States Hispanic Leadership Conference (USHLI). 


A couple of years before the Stonewall Riots, college students started LGBT organizations on campus. In 1974, Spectrum started as the Ball State Gay Alliance, according to the Ball State Digital Media Repository. 

Then known as the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay Student Association (LBGSA), the organization strived to become a safe place for members of the LGBTQIA community. In a 1993 edition of The Ball State Daily News, then LBGSA president announced SAFE ON-Campus — an initiative to make a safe LGBT community at Ball State.

Today, Spectrum works in collaboration with Safezone, which is a network at the university that believes everyone has an equal opportunity. The organization’s motto — "just because you're here doesn't mean you're queer" — invites everyone to join, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Connect with Campus

Join faculty, staff, and students from Ball State’s academic colleges to learn more about your major area of interest. Register now for virtual sessions with the College of Sciences and Humanities; R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning; Miller College of Business; College of Communication, Information, and Media; Teachers College, and Honors College. Soon we will add sessions with the College of Fine Arts and College of Health. 


Schedule a virtual one-on-one, 25-minute meeting with one of our assistant directors in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about Ball State. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 2-4 p.m. EDT. 


Register for a virtual Q&A session with current Ball State students on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Join our students in a fun and interactive hourlong virtual session! This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn about what it's like to be a Ball State Cardinal, why they picked Ball State, and more. They’re eager to engage with you in conversation through our virtual chat. Chirp! Chirp! 


Engage with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in a 30-minute virtual presentation on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 to 11 a.m. Join staff for an informative session on next steps, updates, and other areas of financial aid that you should be aware of. You'll then hear about ways you can personally engage with them after the session to get your individual questions answered. 


Schedule a one-on-one, 25-minute meeting with a staff member from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about Ball State specific to financial aid. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.-noon and 2-4 p.m. EDT. 


Ball State hosts a virtual campus presentation at 10:30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. During this 30 minute informational session, you will learn more about the academic and social opportunities Ball State has to offer. Our Assistant Directors are eager to answer your questions and engage in conversation through the chat feature!


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Our office is here to ensure that every student can get assistance in their college search process. Know you are supported and we are here for you, every step of the way. Feel free to reach us personally or at askus@bsu.edu / 765-285-8300 and we will be happy to help you out.