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The Parents Advisory Council is a small organization of parents who work to meet the objectives of the Parents Association. The council serves as a means of two-way communication between parents and the university as it creates an avenue for parents to ask questions and express concerns.

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What’s Happening on Campus


We are dedicated to creating a safe environment at Ball State, and it’s our duty to foster a campus that is free of alcohol abuse and illegal drug use. Through the Parental Notification Policy, we ask parents to help us address the abuse of alcohol and other drugs by college students. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) permits colleges and universities to inform parents/guardians of students under age 21 when their student has been found in violation of university alcohol and drug policies.


We know that you’re concerned about the bottom line of your student’s education and how to pay for it.

Payments and Access

Bursar statements are available online through eBill for your student’s tuition, housing, and other fees. Using this service, you can check your account or pay online by electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account (e-check). Once your student provides you account access — called proxy access — you may sign in to make payments or set up automatic withdrawal. Through proxy access to eBill, you can also deposit funds directly into your student’s Cardinal Cash account, which can be used at various locations on campus, including dining locations, sporting events, and even some laundry facilities.