University College is an academic unit offering comprehensive programs and services to enhance students' academic success at Ball State University. University College is the home of academic advising for all freshmen regardless of major. Students receive advising through University College until they have achieved sophomore status and declared a major, at which time they will transfer to one of Ball State's eight degree-granting colleges and will receive faculty advising in the major department. In addition, the college houses the Learning Center, which offers free peer tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and other forms of academic assistance to all Ball State students. 

Additional University College programs and services include

  • the Adult Student Access Program (A.S.A.P.), which offers information and assistance to nontraditional students, including adult students, commuters, and those combining college study with full-time employment or family responsibilities.
  • PACE (Partnership for Academic Commitment to Excellence), a program of academic assistance for freshmen on academic probation.
  • ID 101, the freshman seminar course.
  • specific programs for exploratory (undecided) students, students with specific disabilities, and student athletes.

For information about specific services, call University College at 765-285-1510.