R. Kvam, DeanM. O’Hara, Associate Dean

The mission of the College of Fine Arts is to promote expertise in, awareness of, and appreciation for the fine arts among the students, the university community, and the public. Students and faculty members act as advocates for the arts in a variety of ways, ranging from education and performance to exhibition and consultation.


101 Introduction to the Fine Arts: Art, Drama, Music, Dance (3) 
Interdisciplinary course offering students experiences with visual art, dance, music, and theatre as approaches to reality. Emphasizes developing basic vocabulary and exploring a range of historical styles. Attendance at several evening performances will be required. 

498 Seminar in Museum Studies (1-5) 
Interdisciplinary introduction to museums and museum collections through formal lectures and independent research on various components of a planned permanent collection exhibition. Participants act as interns in museum curation, education, registration, and preparation. 
    Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. 
    A total of 9 credits may be earned, but no more than 5 in any one semester or term.