Ball State University offers courses students may take to prepare for admission to schools of law, medicine, dentistry, engineering, audiology, speech pathology, or pharmacy. The prelaw program is described in the Department of Political Science; predentistry, premedicine, and prepharmacy in the Department of Biology; pre-audiology and pre-speech pathology in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology; and pre-engineering in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.


University College
University College is an academic unit offering comprehensive programs and services to enhance students' academic success at Ball State University. University College is the home for academic advising for all freshmen regardless of major. Students receive advising through University College until they achieve sophomore status and declare a major, at which time they will receive faculty advising in one of Ball State’s seven degree-granting colleges. In addition, University College houses the Learning Center, which offers free peer tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and other forms of academic assistance to all Ball State students. The college coordinates the University Core Curriculum, the liberal arts component required of all Ball State undergraduate degrees.
Additional University College programs and services include

  • PACE (Partnership for Academic Commitment to Excellence), a program of academic assistance for freshmen on academic probation.
  • ID 101, the freshman seminar course.
  • specific programs for exploratory (undecided) students, students with disabilities, and student athletes.

For information about specific services, call University College at 765-285-1510.

Rinker Center for International Programs
The Rinker Center for International Programs is Ball State's central facility for international activity on campus. In cooperation with faculty, students, and the local community, the center's administrative services support Ball State's commitment to international teaching and learning. Each year, Ball State hosts international students and scholars from more than eighty countries; the center offers admissions and orientation assistance. Study-abroad programs open to all Ball State students give students the opportunity to explore intercultural issues outside the classroom. Programs vary in length, location, and cost, and credit is offered on most programs, so that students who participate are not required to delay graduation. Information on international work and internship opportunities is also available at the center.

For information on the services offered by the Rinker Center for International Programs, call 765-285-5422.

The School of Extended Education
The School of Extended Education (SEE) extends the services and resources of the university to people whose needs cannot be met by traditional classes on campus. Ball State uses a variety of delivery options to offer courses, degree programs, and certificate programs. The delivery options include television, Internet, online, independent learning, Web conferencing, and on-site (live) instruction at selected sites around the state. All credit earned is residence credit.

In addition to consulting services, an array of customized and public training programs is available through the Center for Organizational Resources and the Center for Economic and Community Development. The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is available to record individual participation in certain non-credit programs.

For more information, call the School of Extended Education at 765- 285-1581 or 800-872-0369.

The Office of Student Life 
Student Life supports the academic mission of the university through leadership development, civic engagement, and service learning opportunities for students. In partnership with faculty and academic units, students participate in service learning experiences coordinated through Student Voluntary Services (SVS). Additionally, students may receive academic credit by participating in leadership development courses as part of the Excellence in Leadership program as well as the interdisciplinary leadership studies minor offered through the Department of Educational Studies. For more information, call the Office of Student Life at 765-285-3476.


Career Center
The Career Center offers opportunities for each Ball State University student and graduate to develop a clear career objective, obtain relevant experience, and learn the skills necessary to conduct a successful professional job search. The center has developed a four-phase career management action plan that Ball State students are expected to follow. The plan includes assessing and exploring skills, values, and interests as well as academic majors and career options; developing key skills employers are seeking and learning job-search techniques; developing leadership skills and pursuing opportunities for professional experience; and securing professional employment or enrolling in graduate school. The Career Center also coordinates all on-campus part-time student employment and some off-campus student employment opportunities; supports internship programs; maintains the Career and Experiential Learning Lab in Lucina Hall, room 235 that includes up-to-date materials on careers, salaries, the job-search process, and graduate and professional school preparation; distributes career brochures and publications on self-assessment, career exploration, résumé writing, interviewing, and job success; and coordinates on-campus interviews with recruiters from business, industry, government, and educational organizations seeking graduates at all degree levels. For more information, call the Career Center, 765-285-5634 or 765-285-1522.

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center provides a broad range of individual and group counseling programs and services that are designed to help students reach their educational and personal goals. They include individual counseling, group counseling, testing, emergency services, psychiatric consultation and outreach. Services are free and confidential and are provided by psychologists and counselors who have special backgrounds and experience with young adults. Appointments can be made in person or by calling the receptionist in Lucina Hall, room 320, 765-285-1736.

Disabled Student Development
The Office of Disabled Student Development (DSD) coordinates university efforts to provide access and opportunity to students with disabilities, including students who have disabilities that are non-apparent. Students wanting to learn more about services or accommodations available to those with a documented disability should contact the DSD office. Advance notice in planning services is strongly encouraged. Please visit (Student Center 307), call 765-285-5293, TTY users 765-285-2206, or refer to our Web site or e-mail:

Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology
Ball State University is committed to helping students lead healthy lives. The Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology can help students integrate the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental dimensions of their lives through many programs, activities, and services. In addition, the institute offers a minor in gerontology to those interested in learning more about the aging process and a resource area with information about many aging issues. For more information call the Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology at 765-285-8259.

Health Center
The Health Center is funded by separate fees required each semester of all students who are enrolled for 7 or more credits. The fees cover office visits to the Health Center, the Women’s Center, Physical Therapy and Health Education. Laboratory testing and x-ray services, if required, are not covered. Prescriptions may be filled at the pharmacy in the Health Center at a cost competitive with and often less than at local retail pharmacies. Services are provided by a dedicated and experienced professional staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses who are specialists in health promotion, disease prevention, and medical services for young adults.

Multicultural Center
The Multicultural Center (MC) is the campus resource for all issues that relate to ethnic diversity. The center offers African American, Asian American, and Hispanic/Latin American students and all students support and an opportunity for involvement in a variety of cultural, educational, and social programs designed to meet their specific needs and necessary to their personal growth and development. Opportunities for leadership development are available through the over 14 student organizations advised by MC. For more information, call 765-285-1344.

University Computing Services
Ball State University expects its graduates to be competent in computer applications used within their disciplines. To help accomplish this goal, the university supports nearly 200 laboratories on campus, equipped with over 2,800 work-stations. A high-speed campus network and computer accounts, with access to electronic mail and the Internet, are provided to support teaching and learning for all students, faculty, and staff. University Computing Services has adaptive computer technology laboratories and support personnel for persons who need them. Most classrooms are equipped with integrated electronic media, and all residence hall rooms have high-speed network connections to the Internet and campus network. University Computing Services personnel provide computing and systems services to students, faculty, and staff.

WorkLife Programs
WorkLife Programs offers a variety of family services to help students and employees balance their responsibilities to the university and to their families. Services include customized childcare listings, elder care listings, the Employee Assistance Program (referral to counseling), and relocation information. On-line request forms and additional information are available on the Web. Students also have the opportunity to contact WorkLife if they would like to list themselves as part-time babysitters. For more information, call 765-285-1187 or e-mail Marta Stephens.