Bracken Library and the branch libraries, Architecture and Science-Health Science, are wheelchair accessible. Bracken Library, the main library, has other equipment, services and materials for patrons with disabilities:

Circulation Counter (First Floor, East)

  • Assistance in retrieving bookstack materials
  • Assistance in retrieving current and bound periodicals, and microforms 
  • Assistance in using microform reader/printers

Educational Resources Collections (Lower Level, West)

  • Close-captioned videos for hearing-impaired
  • Descriptive Video Service (DVS) videos for visually-impaired
  • Equipment available for previewing all types of videorecordings
  • Large video preview booth for patrons with wheelchairs
  • Media and print materials about people with disabilities

Reference Services (First Floor, West)

  • Library automated system workstation for visually-impaired
  • Library automated system workstation on wheelchair accessible carrel
  • Photocopier accessible for patrons with wheelchairs 
  • Reference desk accessible for patrons with wheelchairs