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The "Reel Inclusion" film series began Fall Semester 2019 as a collaborative effort between The Office of the Provost, Inclusive Excellence, the Multicultural Center, University Libraries, and the Friends of the Bracken M. Library with the goal of engaging the campus community in learning and discussion around issues related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

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Wednesday, February 28, 12:00-12:50 p.m. in AT 183
Discussion Facilitator: Dr. Rachael Smith, Assistant Lecturer of Women's, Gender, & African American Studies at Ball State University

Thursday, February 29, 5:30-7:30 p.m. in AT 183
Discussion Facilitator: Dr. Sarah Vitale, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Ball State University 

Fattitude is an eye-opening look at how popular media perpetuates fat hatred that results in a cultural bias and a civil rights issue for people living in fat bodies. Fat people are paid $1.25 less an hour than their thin counterparts and can still legally lose jobs just because they’re fat. Additionally, 1 in 3 doctors associates fat bodies with hostility, dishonesty and poor hygiene. Fattitude looks at how this systemic cultural prejudice results in fat discrimination.  

Informed by a post-modern, post-colonial, feminist perspective, Fattitude also examines how fat-shaming crosses the lines of race, class, sexuality and gender. It features a diverse variety of voices such as academic scholars, activists, filmmakers, actors and psychologists, including Lindy West, Sonya Renee Taylor, Virgie Tovar, Ricki Lake, and more.  

A body positive documentary intent on inspiring change, Fattitude offers alternative ideas that embrace body acceptance at all sizes, explores examples of fat positive representations being produced today by activists and the media, and focuses on real life solutions for moving forward and changing the national conversation about body image. 

The full film is 1hr 25min long. An abbreviated version will be shown at the Feb 28, 12pm screening. 

Reel Inclusion: Accidental Courtesy

Accidental Courtesy 
Musician Daryl Davis Meets and Befriends Members of the Ku Klux Klan

Light in the Water, Reel Inclusion: A Film Series


Light in the Water
The Story of the First Openly Gay Masters Swim Team

The Wall Calendar Picture

The Wall
Short Documentaries on the Undocumented Immigration Crisis

Reel Inclusion: A Lot Like You


A Lot Like You
Exploring Multiracial Identity


Living Thinkers Reel Inclusion Film Series

Living Thinkers
An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower

Zoom In


Zoom In
Microaggressions and Disability

Reel Inclusion: Show Me Democracy


Show Me Democracy
Student Activism Amidst the Uprising in Ferguson



Latino Americans: Peril and Promise - Reel Inclusion: A Film Series


Latino Americans
Peril and Promise


Reel Inclusion Black Boys Calendar Image


Black Boys
Illuminating the full humanity of Black men  and boys in America.



Reel Inclusion: Mankiller


An in-depth look at the life and work of Cherokee Nation chief, Wilma Mankiller.

Reel Inclusion: A Film Series A Road to Home


A Road to Home
Stories of Homeless LGBTQ Youth of New York City

Reel Inclusion A Film Series Not Your Model Minority


Not Your Model Minority
Exploring the origins of the myth and the intersections with past and present anti-Asian violence


Reel Inclusion: A Film Series - "Real Boy"


Real Boy: A Son's Transition. A Mother's Transformation
An intimate story of a family in transition

Reel Inclusion Stranger at the Gate Thumbnail


Stranger at the Gate
A story of retribution and hope for a US veteran set in Muncie, Indiana


Reel Inclusion Waging Change


Waging Change
A film about an American struggle hidden in plain sight

Autism Goes to College
Four stories of college students with autism and their experiences navigating a pivotal time in their lives

Reel Inclusion Fruits of Labor

Fruits of Labor
"...a lyrical, coming-of-age documentary feature about adolescence, nature and how ancestors paved the way"

Reel Inclusion Our Story Calednar Image


Our Story: The Indigenous Led Fight to Protect Greater Chaco

A documentary following the Indigenous-led fight to protect a sacred landscape

Fruits of Labor
"A powerful call for healing, this ground-breaking film takes a grassroots approach to exploring the globalized policing of natural Black hair."