Do you have a copy machine?

Yes, our copy machine is located in the corner near the entrance. It will do color copies for an extra fee and scan to flash drives and SD cards at no cost.

How much are copies?

Black and white: $0.10 per 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper copied when using cash; $0.06 per copy when using a copy card.

Color: $0.25 per 8.5 x 11" area copied when using cash or copy card.

Where can I get change?

The copy machine vend unit accepts $1 and $5 bills as well as coins. If you have a larger bill, the Bursar’s Office is located in Lucina Hall. The Science-Health Science Library (SHSL) cannot give change- we have no means to keep money on hand. The vending machines upstairs will render some change with a purchase.

Is there a stapler/hole punch/tape dispenser I can use?

Yes. A stapler, tape dispenser, and three-hole punch are located next to the printer release station. If you need a larger stapler, ask at the counter. A large-format paper cutter, rulers, scissors, a scientific calculator, and headphones are also available for in-library use. Ask at the counter.

Do you have chargers for cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices?

Unfortunately, we do not have chargers to lend at this time. The Educational Technology & Resources Collection in the lower level of Bracken Library does have some chargers that they lend.

What about office supplies?

The Libraries do not sell office supplies. If you’ve forgotten a pen or pencil, ask at the circulation desk to see if we have extras to lend you. The Ball State Bookstore located in the Arts and Journalism Building just across from Bracken Library does sell a variety of office supplies.

Do you have a pencil sharpener?

Yes. It is mounted on the north wall near the end of the circulating collection of books.

Why do I have to have my ID/check this out- i’m just going to make a few copies?

We track usage (ie how many and when people use which items) and monitor access so that we can better meet the needs of our users and keep materials available for as many people as possible. In addition, most of the items on reserve are privately owned by course instructors who provide very specific instructions on how their materials are to be used.

Can I use your phone?

The SHSL phone is restricted to University business. This includes: facilities workers needing to call their co-workers or supervisors, faculty needing assistance getting in a room to teach, etc. This does not include: calling your professor upstairs to ask a question or set up an appointment, calling someone about a job interview, arranging for a ride home, etc. People with disabilities may use the phone to arrange for transportation.

Can I return/renew this here?

The SHSL is a full-service circulation point: we can return and renew any Ball State University Libraries materials from any location. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) books can be returned and picked up here. To renew ILL books, you can use ILLiad to do it yourself online or contact our Interlibrary Loan unit directly by calling (5-1324) or emailing ( them.

Can I use my guest account pass here?

Unfortunately, no. The University limits guest account pass usage in the Libraries to Bracken Library. You may obtain a computer access card at Bracken Library. However, wireless access via the bsuguest network does not require a username and password but your available resources will be limited (eg bsuguest network does not allow laptop printing).

You have DVDs here. Can I book them?

Yes, we do allow booking of our videos. The request is taken and entered here but processed in the Educational Technology & Resources Collections due to their expanded access to software modules that allow booking.

Do you have textbooks?

Due to the extreme rate of turnover and variability of instructors, courses offered, and textbook editions from semester to semester, the Libraries do not as a matter of course purchase current textbooks. If we have any in our collection, they are usually older editions. Textbooks may be donated or placed on reserve.

How do I access electronic reserves?

You must use OneSearch/CardCat in order to find course reserves. Materials on course reserve will be listed as such in the results list. You can narrow your search to instructor or course number by clicking on those facets on the left hand navigation and refinement bar. Most of the time, course instructors provide links to them on BlackBoard as well.

Can you give me permission to take out this course reserve that is supposed to remain in here (ie is on “closed” reserve)?

Most of the materials on reserve are personal property of course instructors that have been placed on reserve to ensure fair and equal access to those materials by all of their students. Only the instructor may give permission to disregard their own reserve rules. Only the instructor may give express consent to remove a “closed” reserve item from the library. Library personnel have no authority to do so.

Do you have a FAX machine?

None of the University Libraries, including the SHSL, have FAX machines for public use.  The Cardinal Copy Center (see Printing Services), located in RB 160, the Hotel Desk and Post Office, located in the Student Center, offer public FAX services for a fee.

Do you have a color printer?

There are two color printers in Bracken Library. Print jobs may be sent to the two color printers there for $0.25 per page. Large-format color printing can be found in the GIS Research and Map Collection area located on the 2nd floor of Bracken Library. Color printing may also be requested in Cooper by students of the College of Sciences & Humanities from CL472. Contact Michael Hradesky (5-1760) in Geography for more information.

I can do double-sided printing?

Yes. The printer in the SHSL allows double-sided printing.

How can i print from my laptop?

Laptop printing service.

Where is CN 67 and other rooms in Cooper Science Complex?

See the floorplans/maps of Cooper (PDF).

How do I print this PowerPoint lecture from BlackBoard?

When you click on a link to a file in Blackboard (especially when using Internet Explorer), that file opens within the browser. This severely limits the control you have over manipulating the document. The best thing to do is to download the PPT file to the desktop, open in PowerPoint, and then print rather than trying to print from the browser.

1) right click on the link for the file in questions and select “save target as…”

2) save it to the Desktop by clicking the large button on the left side of the window NOT the desktop folder that automatically opens during a download,

3) open the PPT by double-clicking on it,

4) go to FILE then PRINT,

5) select print output options on the left hand side of the screen

Why do libraries not want people reshelving books?

First and foremost, we want to make sure we know when people use our collections. When books are checked out, we know about it. When they are used in the stacks away from the counter, we do not know. This can affect what we keep and what we get rid of as well as letting us know that people are using the library at all.

Second, we want to make sure that books are returned to their proper place. Library staff are trained to make sure materials are in order so that people can find the book they are looking for. A misshelved book is a lost book. If something is not in call number order, there is no way to find it except by a book to book search of all the shelves- a vastly impractical and nearly insurmountable task!

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