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About SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder Scholar is an online tool for accessing the millions of references Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has indexed since 1907 along with other information about substances, authors, companies, topics, etc. In addition, library users can now search by chemical structure with SciFinder's drawing component and receive notification of full-text versions of articles referenced therein. SciFinder Scholar accesses six online databases: CAplus, MedLine, REGISTRY, CASREACT, CHEMCATS, & CHEMLIST.

More Information

Library users can find more information about CAS and SciFinder Scholar at the CAS website and from the University Libraries' Articles and Databases Science page.

Tips/Reminders for using SciFinder Scholar: 

  • You must first register to use SciFinder Scholar.  
  • Use SciFinder How-To Guides and the SciFinder User Registration Guide (PDF) for help. 
  • Ball State does not subscribe to every journal found through SciFinder. Search CardCat to see if the University Libraries subscribes to a title.
  • Not all articles referenced have full-text availability. Many require an additional fee or password to access.
  • SciFinder searches can generate a large reference lists so be prepared to use a USB flash drive, blank CD or DVD, your iLocker account, or send them to yourself via email- works well with EndNote.
  • Make sure you logout completely from SciFinder when you are finished.