The Ball State University Libraries’ Office of Digital Research and Publishing advances the creation, dissemination, and preservation of high-quality online scholarship created at Ball State University through:

  • collaborative opportunities
  • workshops and instruction
  • consultative services
  • technology solutions

We work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and both undergraduate and graduate students and we host a suite of publishing platforms that provide online access to Ball State University scholarship.

I want to:

Put my scholarship online

We offer diverse resources to guide the publishing of scholarship available online, including:

  • Web hosting for research projects
  • Preservation and publication platforms
  • Copyright consultation
  • Assessment metrics consultation
  • Peer review consultation
  • Publishing venue consultation

Plan and develop a digital scholarship project

We provide guidance on creating, planning, and maintaining digital scholarship. Work with us to:

  • Get started creating digital research
  • Design/produce a digital exhibit
  • Publish an open access academic journal or publication
  • Create maps or geospatial data
  • Explore digital research tools and platforms
  • Manage your research data
  • Design and test digital scholarship
  • Digitize materials for a research project

Collaborate with us

Schedule a meeting

Do you have questions about what digital scholarship means in the context of your work? Interested in an introduction to exploring digital research? Are you looking to understand particular platforms, software, or issues? We are happy to schedule a consultation session and work through your questions. Use our meeting request form to give us an idea about your needs so that we can more effectively assist you.

Schedule an instruction session

We provide custom-designed course instruction regarding various aspects of digital scholarship, publishing, and open access. Use our instruction request form and indicate relevant topics and areas of interest.