The Music Collection includes compact discs of music in every style and genre, and from every historical period.   It also includes music from around the world, both traditional and popular.

Treat yourself to sounds you’ve never heard before!  You can find them many ways:

  • New CD Lists on the Music Collection bulletin board (next to the entrance).
  • Browser “dummies” with CD covers of new, recommended, or topical CDs in the collection (kept on the Music Collection counter).  You can’t judge a CD by its cover... or can you?
  • Media Finder for World Music:  Search by country, region, or keyword.
  • Media Finder for Non-Classical Music:  Search by genre, topic, era, and country!
  • Naxos Music Library: A streaming library of over 500,000 tracks of music.  Most tracks are of classical music, often rare pieces and recordings.  They have also added a lot of jazz and world music.  Check “Recent Additions” often!

You may check out up to 30 CDs at a time, so why limit yourself to music you already know?  Explore!

For assistance in locating recorded music, contact Music Collection staff at 765-285-8188, or the music librarian at 765-285-5065.  We are all avid listeners ourselves and we can suggest something new and different for you!