The GIS Research and Map Collection (GRMC) consolidates one-on-one research assistance from the GIS Specialist with the GIS Research Area, which offers access to the leading GIS software and to online GIS tutorials, datasets, online mapping applications, and in-house GIS data. The GIS Research Area is open to the general public, but Ball State faculty and students who require GIS and related geospatial software for instructional purposes can also reserve the GIS Research Area for classes and presentations.

The GRMC also offers access to a traditional map collection that includes and has available for circulation over 145,000 maps, atlases, charts, gazetteers, and other cartographic resources for research and learning. Many of the maps correlate with specific academic fields and can be incorporated into classroom presentations and projects. The GRMC also provides small-group presentations, tours, and classroom instruction using materials from the Map Collection.

The GRMC also has two large-format plotters and a large-format laminator that can be used by members of the Ball State community for conference posters and exhibits for a small charge.

For more information, visit the GRMC on the second floor of Bracken Library or call 765-285-1097.