Your financial contributions go a long way toward serving the educational and research needs of the students and faculty of Ball State University. In these difficult economic times, your support is even more important to the University Libraries as they face rising costs in almost all areas. The Friends have a history of supplying that support. We would not be where we are today or be able to advance to where we need to go tomorrow without you, our donors.

Here is just a sampling of what your financial gifts can buy:

  • A hardcover fiction book, $20-$45
  • A DVD/Video, $30-$75
  • Electronic software, $65-$85
  • One-year journal subscription, $75-$150
  • Six music CDs, $100
  • A major reference book, $125-$300
  • A rare book for History of the Book studies, $250-$500
  • Preservation of historical documents and photographs, $1,000+
  • One-year access to online information, articles, $3,500-$4,500

A financial gift may be given to the Friends of the Alexander M. Bracken Library account through the Ball State University Foundation. Please make checks available to the foundation-Account #5103. Suggested levels of financial support are:

Student $5.00
Friend $10.00
Patron $25.00
President's Club $100.00 or more

Send checks to:
Ball State University Foundation
P.O. Box 672
Muncie, IN 47306