Subgroup 10.00 Division of 

Student Affairs and Enrollment Services

Subgroup 10.01 Vice President for 

Student Affairs and Enrollment Services

Subgroup 10.02 Dean of Students

Subgroup 10.03 Admissions and Enrollment Services

Subgroup 10.04 Student Life

Subgroup 10.05 Publications

Subgroup 10.06 Planning, Research and Evaluation

Subgroup 10.08 Multicultural Center

Subgroup 10.09 Systems and Technology

Subgroup 10.10 Leadership and Service Programs*

Subgroup 10.12 Religious Programs and Related Activities

Subgroup 10.13 Student and Alumni papers

Subgroup 10.14 Student Organizations and Activities

Subgroup 10.15 Student Voluntary Services

Subgroup 10.17 Better Business Bureau

Subgroup 10.20 Student Health Services 

Subgroup 10.23.03 Freshman Honors Luncheon Display, 1978 

Subgroup 10.24 Student Government Association

Subgroup 10.26 Office of Special Programs

Subgroup 10.27 Office of Student Rights and Community Standards

*in 2001, split into Student Organizations and Activities (SOA) and Leadership and Service Leaning (LSL)