Edith Wright attended the Eastern Division of the Indiana State Normal School during the summer term of 1918, the mid-spring term of 1919 and the summer terms of 1919 and 1920.

In her memory book "School Days" she recorded many activities and observations and listed her classes and classmates at "Muncie Normal". Edith added snapshots of instructors, the girls' dorm and the administration building, newspaper clippings, invitations, playbills, jokes from the 1919 yearbook, and notes from friends. She also used the book to record similar memorabilia from her high school days. Three of her friends from Brookville High School eventually attended college with her and they figure prominently her memory book. A caption to a photograph missing from her memory book is entitled the "Big 4" and lists the names Mabel Swartz, Lorna Hutton, Hazel Starkel, and Edith Wright. Edith graduated Brookville High School in 1918, both Lorna and Mabel graduated in 1919 and Hazel graduated in 1920. Edith recorded several activities featuring the "Big 4".

School Days Scrapbook compiled by Edith Wright, 1918-1920

School Days scrapbook compiled by Edith Wright, 1918-1920.

Registration for Mid-Spring term took place on Monday, May 5, 1919 and classes began the following day. The term ended Friday, July 25, 1919. Non-resident were charged a tuition fee of $12.00 per quarter, while residents were charged only a $2.50 library fee. Edith took five classes and began her day at 8:20am with the History of Education 1, followed by American History 1, Arithmetic 2, Literature 1, and Music. Most classes lasted 50 minutes with ten minute breaks between classes.

A few of the classes Edith took during the time she attended the Eastern Division of the Indiana State Normal School are described below.

Physiology 1. - Hygiene and Public Health. The course treats of the causative agents of disease and the defensive mechanisms of the body. The more common diseases are studied with respect to the organism involved, together with the means for the their cure and prevention. The work includes lectures, assigned reading, and laboratory work. The course is open to all students.

Literature 17. - Juvenile Literature. Primarily a course of types of children's literature.

Arithmetic 1.- Teachers' Arithmetic. This course includes elementary notation with especial reference to the psychological processes involved in the development of the number concept, some brief algebraic proofs of fundamental principals, and a survey of the "State Course of Study" in arithmetic in conjunction with the text book adopted for use in the common schools. The subject-matter includes the fundamental operations; fractions; denominate numbers, including English and French systems; ratio; proportion, etc., to mensuration. The course is open to all students on the Four-Year Normal Training Course and the Two-Year Course and is required for completion of those courses.

Indiana State Normal School Eastern Division Course Schedule, 1920

Schedule from theĀ Indiana State Normal School Bulletin (Vol. XII, No. 3, February 1919 and Vol. XII, No. 1, July 1919