Winfred Ethestal Wagoner, 1943-1945

Winfred E. Wagoner was appointed acting president for a period of six months when President Pittenger resigned in December 1942 and later his term was extended to more than two years. He had served as controller of the college for 17 years. During his term as president, he spent half of the day in the business office and the other half in the presidents office. Wagoner suggested three new directions for the college facing the post-War period: a college solely for prospective teachers; a college for public service that would concentrate on education for teachers, public health and nursing practitioners, social workers, and public employees; or a general college. He also proposed a self-study towards improving course and curricula, and recommended planning for a campus design and construction of at least three new buildings. After the inauguration of President Emens in 1945, Wagoner continued to serve the college as the controller by managing all business affairs.