Fight Poster

The December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor hastened the entry of the United States into World War II. In the aftermath of this tragic event, young men from towns and cities across the nation enlisted, and those on the home front desired to contribute to the war effort in every way possible. Muncie was similar to the rest of America in these endeavors, sharing in the same triumphs and troubles faced across the United States. As with many young men, those from Muncie found themselves training in other states and being shipped to the frontlines of foreign battles. Ball State University was one of over two hundred colleges to become home to recruits from near and far alike.


Muncie residents had to become accustomed to the rationing of formerly commonplace items such as tires and food. Those who were not part of active war duty afar, worked long hours in the local factories, farms, and other businesses to aid in the war effort. Muncie and other towns and cities in the United States came together with individual acts of patriotism that strengthened the nation as a whole. Featuring photographs, printed materials, and maps, this exhibit recognizes the sacrifices made by the soldiers, Muncie citizens, and Ball State students.

This exhibit includes selected items from the exhibit on display in Bracken Library from October 16, 2007-January 4, 2008.

Credits: The "Shared Sacrifice" exhibit was prepared by Hannah Cox.