Learn more about rare books and manuscripts with the Archives and Special Collections online exhibits. Descriptions and selected images from major exhibits are listed below within each exhibit featured. For any additional information, please contact us.

 Civil War


Civil War Resources in Archives and Special Collections  


 Otis Bowen

Doc Bowen: From Indiana to Washingtion  

Louis Armstrong


Entertainers and Earl: Autographed Photographs from the Earl Williams Collection


 Illuminated Manuscript


From Script to Print: The Transformation of Medieval and Renaissance Documents


 Asian art


A Glimpse into the East: A Survey of the Traditional Arts of Japan  


 Frederic Goudy

Howdy Goudy: Frederic W. Goudy and the Private Press in the Midwest

 World War I poster


Masculinity at War: Images of Men in First World War Propaganda Posters


 Indianapolis 500

Photographing the Indianapolis 500: Images from the Ralph Saterlee Collection