Strikebreakers, March 31, 1917
The African Americans in this photograph were recruited from Kentucky (possibly Glasglow, Kentucky) by a Muncie manufacturer as strikebreakers.
Otto Sellers Collection, P20/632

Shoe Shine Parlor Employees
Employees stand in front of Ginty’s Shoe Shine Parlor located at 505 S. Walnut Street in Muncie.
c. 1924
“The Other Side of Middletown” Collection, EF2-028

An unidentified man works a field with a horse-drawn plow.
“The Other Side of Middletown” Collection, EF2-032

Joseph Blackburn, Sr.
Electrician Joseph Blackburn, Sr., stands in front of his shop and home at 1308 E. 5th Street. Blackburn’s wife, Nannie, was a hairdresser.
“ he Other Side of Middletown” Collection, EF2-061

Ball Brothers Company and Glassworkers Local 93 Negotiators
Glassworkers Local 93 representatives at this March 11, 1949, meeting included (back row) Otis Miller, Sr. (3rd from left), Dorene Goodall (4th from left), and Union President James Tinsley (5th from left).
Hurley Goodall Collection, P30/101