YMCA Bible Class
During the 1920s the Muncie YMCA sponsored Bible classes at Muncie schools.
W.A. Swift Collection, P8/453

Jackson School YMCA Bible Class
As the racial mix reveals, the Jackson School YMCA Bible Class drew students from a Muncie “transitional” neighborhood between Second and Third streets and Madison Avenue and Monroe Street.
W.A. Swift Collection, P8/439 

Muncie High School Band, 1926
The Muncie High School Band included one African American in 1926.
W.A. Swift Collection, P8/630

Muncie Central High School Football Team, 1928
African Americans played on the Muncie Central 1928 football team.
W.A. Swift Collection, P8/1398

Muncie Central High School Basketball Team, 1929-1930
Jack Mann (front row, center) was the first African American to play for the Muncie Central Bearcats. He played center.
W.A. Swift Collection, P8/1406  

Muncie Central Bearcats Victory
Players Marion Acton (left) and Billy “Bug Juice” Taylor (right) cut down the net to celebrate a Bearcats victory. Muncie policeman Jack Mann, who played center for the Bearcats in the 1930s, looks on.
Spurgeon-Greene Collection, P40/1484