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Name Position Address

Adams, C. Bradley  Desktop Support Specialist BL 307
Allison, Sarah M.  Head of Archives User Engagement BL 210
Atkinson, Douglas M. Web Development Analyst BL 307
Blue, Kevin J. Digital and Physical Processing Supervisor BL 035
Bohnert, Katie     Library Scholarly Publishing and User Interface Analyst BL 307
Bradley, James A. Head of Metadata and Digital Initiatives BL 025
Brannon, Diane R. Acquisitions Assistant BL 023 
Brauner, Eli J.  Technical Cataloging Assistant/Monograph BL 023
Bretz, Erin E.  Digital Media Metadata Analyst BL 023
Britton, Cynthia F. Cataloging and Metadata Services Assistant BL 023 
Brooks, Kevin E. Science Librarian CN 16
Butler, Paul R. Library Technologies Support Analyst BL 307
Caldwell, Christopher R. Digital Media Metadata Analyst BL 023
Calvin, Diane L. Head of Information Services BL 102B
Cardassilaris, Nicole R. Graduate Assistant BL 005
Clouse, Cassidy K.  Graduate Assistant BL 210
Coil, Neal A. Bibliographic Quality Supervisor
BL 023
Condon, Samuel D. Library Night Assistant  BL 137 
Curtis, Patrick M. Metadata and Digital Collections Developer  BL 023A
DeWitt, Dixie D. Financial and Business Services Manager BL 218B
Dubravcic, Zachary F.  Graduate Assistant BL 307
Duecker, Stephen K. Information Services Librarian BL 102
Duquaine, Jennifer A. Technical Cataloging Assistant/Music BL 023
Edmonds, Amy L. Music Librarian BL 0111A
Fadely, Kenneth W.      Physical Processing Assistant BL 035
Faust, Bradley D. Assistant Dean for Library Data and Discovery Solutions BL 307
Ford, Matthew P.
Business Support Services Supervisor BL 029
Frankland, Diane L. Circulation Supervisor BL 124
Gentry, Melissa S. Map Collections Assistant BL 224
Gerhart, F. Hank Statistical Data/Asset Control Specialist BL 218
Gibson, Angie S. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist BL 224
Gjeltema, Micah C.  Open Content and Digital Publishing Librarian BL 204
Grimes, Stephanie L.  Digital Scholarship Strategist BL 307
Grogan, Amanda D.
Student Employment & Business Services Assistant
BL 218
Gutshall, Kirstin L.  Circulation Reserves Assistant BL 111
Hall, Parker A.
Information/Circulation Evening Supervisor
BL 005
Hammock, Sally A. Bibliographic Searcher  BL 023
Hammons, James W. Head of Library Technologies  BL 307 
Hannah, Keith A. Access Services Evening Coordinator BL 111
Hatton, Jessica D. Interlibrary Loan Assistant BL 123
Havranek, Nick A.  User Engagement Strategies Coordinator BL 218
Hedge, Kyla A.
Interlibrary Loan Searcher
BL 123
Hess, Julia I.  Head of Monograph Cataloging BL 018
Hessel, Judy  Acquisitions Supervisor BL 022
Huff, Kimberly R.
Circulation Assistant BL 137
Jackson, Linnea J.  Circulation Night Assistant BL 005
Jarrell, Lisa J. Head of Educational Technology and Resources Collection BL 087
Johnson, Lisa R.  Bibliographic Searcher and Fiscal Contol Assistant BL 023
Johnston, Bradley C. Visual Resources Curator AB 116
Jones, Daniel W.  Library Night Assistant  BL 005 
Jones, Lora A. Booking/Reserves/Office Coordinator BL 005
Koenker, Jeff R. Bookstacks Supervisor BL 116 
Krupica, Katherine M.  Graduate Assistant BL 102
Kwiatkowski, Karin Interlibrary Loan Lending Coordinator BL 123
Leeper, Wesley A. Library Night Assistant BL 0106
Leigh, Katharine D. Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services BL 019 
Leigh, Richard N. Metadata and Digital Resources Developer BL 023
Linn, Erin S.
Acquisitions Accounting Fiscal Control Specialist
BL 079
Marangelli, Rebecca L. Archives Specialist
BL 210
Mayo, Lauren K.  Metadata and Digital Initiatives Assistant BL 023
McElyea, William W. Media Equipment Technician BL 005
McFadden, Scott R. Head of Serials Cataloging BL 023C
McFarland, Kendra M.  Circulation Assistant BL 005
Mentis, Michele L. Evening Circulation Supervisor BL 137 
Miller, Nicholas R.  Graduate Assistant BL 210
Miller, Todd E. Technical Cataloging Assistant/Bibliographic Control BL 023 
Mills, Darren L. Information Services Supervisor BL 102
Mulligan, Laura M. Head of Access Services BL 110
Nelson, Elaine S. Interlibrary Loan Supervisor BL 123 
Nelson, Julie K. Information/Circulation Supervisor BL 005
Newell, Sarah E. Digital Media Metadata Analyst BL 023
Noel, Salli A. Secretary to Dean of University Libraries  BL 218
Novotny, Kirsten D.  Information and Instruction Assistant BL 102
Novotny, Raymond J. Business Support Services Assistant BL 029
Obi, Ike A. B. Graduate Assistant BL 210
Prather, Logan D.  Access Services Evening Supervisor BL 125
Rains, Logan W.  Information Services Librarian - Night BL 102
Reynolds, Anthony Digital Media Description Analyst BL 023
Rice, Suzanne S. Assistant Dean for Public Services BL 014
Roberts, Joseph M. Information Services Librarian BL 102
Roberts, Sharon A. Assistant Dean for Collection Resources Management BL 016 
Saloh, Nathaniel A. A. Educational Technology Specialist BL 005 
Sanders, Jodi L.
Interlibrary Loan Assistant
BL 123
Sciscoe, Jackelyn L. Architecture Library Coordinator
AB 116
Sebai, Jennifer L. Head of Information Literacy Programs BL 102
Shannon, Jill K. Head of Authority Control/Bibliographic Control BL 021 
Shaw, Matthew C.  Dean of University Libraries BL 218
Sheinfeld, Ely  Archivist for Electronic Records and Digital Collections BL 210
Shimkus, James S. Information Services Librarian BL 102
Shull, Melinda R. Archives Records Analyst BL 210
Smith, Addison Music Collection Coordinator BL 0106 
Smith, Jeremiah J.  Music Collection Night Supervisor BL 0106
Sprowl, Tim M. Library Web Application and Database Developer BL 307
Stano, M. Eve  Collections Development and Assessment Librarian BL 032
Stiener, Blake R. Metadata and Digital Initiatives Developer BL 023
Story, Teresa L. Collections Development Assistant BL 032 
Strunck, Margaret A. Business Support Services Assistant BL 029 
Stump, Dawn A.  Access Services Assistant BL137
Szajewski, Michael G.     Assistant Dean for Digital Scholarship and Special Collections     BL 212
Tamsett, Cinda L. Technical Cataloging Assistant/Monograph  BL 023 
Townsend, Amy M.
Administrative Coordinator
BL 307
Taylor, Susan E.
Information Services Librarian
BL 102
Torsell, Rebecca A.  Archivist for Architectural Records AB 120
Trendler, Amy E. Architecture Librarian AB 116
Twigg, Michael W.

Head of Collections and Resource Acquisition Services

BL 032

Vance, Jan A. Periodical/Reserve/Microforms Collection Supervisor BL 112
VanOoteghem, Kirk Lead Microcomputer/Network Analyst BL 307
Vesperry, Lindsey M.  Archives Collections Specialist BL 210
Walsh, Michele L. Acquisitions Receiving Assistant BL 023
Weiland, Susan D. Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian (Music) BL 023B
West, M. Andy Microcomputer/Systems/Network Analyst BL 307
Wilkinson, Brenda J. Technical Cataloging Assistant/Authority Control BL 023
Williams, Ashley D.  Graduate Assistant BL 307
Williams, Shanda M. Administrative Coordinator to Library Assistant Deans BL 014

Yates Habich, Brenda Information Services Librarian BL 102