Ball State University and its library system is a state-supported institution. Why are gifts needed if it receives state funds?

The University receives funds from tuition, state appropriations, and private support. Although tuition and state moneys provide a portion of the University and its libraries’ operating budget, those funds alone do not cover the total cost of providing the level of service to which we aspire. There are more needs than tuition and state moneys alone can supply. Private support is vital to the continued growth and success of the University Libraries.

Why are unrestricted gifts so important?

Unrestricted gifts can be used wherever needs are greatest, allowing the Dean of the University Libraries the flexibility to address the Libraries’ most pressing needs.

Who establishes gift needs and sets priorities for funding?

Gifts are accepted by the University Libraries either for specific or general purposes. Gifts for general purposes are allocated by the Dean of University Libraries toward services and projects where he perceives the needs are greatest.

May I specify how my gift is used?

Yes, you may specify which specific fund you would like to receive your support.

What are the various Funds to which I can contribute?

Yes, there are a range of funds:

  • The General Fund (#5101) supports University Libraries’ services and programs.
  • The Acquisitions Fund (#5102) supports purchase of a range of acquisitions relevant to excellence in learning and research.
  • The Friends of Alexander M. Bracken Library Fund (#5103) supports expenditures for the general welfare of the University Libraries, special collections, and programs.
  • The Edgar & Lois Seward Book Endowment Fund (#5104), established in 1988 by retired banker Edgar Seward and his wife Marjorie, a local philanthropist. Interest from this Fund is used to purchase research acquisitions for the University Libraries.
  • The Alexander M. Bracken Memorial Library Endowment Fund (#5105), established by members of the Ball family to honor the memory of Alexander M. Bracken. Interest from this Fund is used to purchase library material in the areas of business and law.
  • The Archives Fund (#5106) is supported by the Indiana Humanities Council to benefit the Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections.
  • The Zeigler Jewish Studies Library Endowment Fund (#5107), established with moneys from the Bessie & Benjamin Zeigler Fund. Interest from this Fund is used to acquire library material that supports Jewish Studies.
  • The N.K. Turner Fund (#5108) supports the Libraries’ Special Collections.
  • Tribute with Books (#5111) supports the Libraries’ book collection and allows donors to honor a special person or occation.
  • The Library Endowment Fund (#80026), established through the “Wings for the Future” campaign to support the needs of Bracken Library.
  • The Class of 1941 Endowment Fund (#60041), established by the Ball State Class of 1941 as a 50-year reunion project to provide for needs of the Alexander M. Bracken Library.

What are the University Libraries’ priorities?

The priorities are

  • Purchasing new books, journals and other resources in print and digital format to support academic requirements for student and faculty research and learning
  • Purchasing and maintaining technology, including computers, wireless networking equipment for improved connectivity to access digital resources, and furniture for making equipment accessible
  • Creating a better environment within the building for students, faculty, and others who use the libraries as a destination for research and learning
  • Staff training and continuing education to keep our personnel current with ever-changing needs in library service, learning, and scholarship.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Gifts to the University Libraries are tax-deductible on federal tax returns subject to the limits allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of the letter documenting tax-exempt status is available from the Ball State University Foundation. When you make a gift, the Foundation Office will provide you with the necessary documentation for tax purposes.

I can only make a small gift at this time. Will it still make an impact?

Every contribution makes a difference! The combined effect of many small gifts can be powerful. Your support is vital in the University Libraries’ ability to expand services and resources. Regardless of the size of each gift, it helps us to build our resources which benefit over 19,000 students.

How do I make a gift in honor or memory of someone or to support the collection of an academic college?

Contributions can be designated in memory or honor of a special person, occasion, or to build a specific academic college’s collection. Simply complete the honor/memorial section of the donation form. The contribution will be applied where you designate. We will be happy to notify the family of a memorial gift or an individual who has been honored that a contribution has been made, without disclosing the gift amount.

What benefits will I receive from making a planned gift in support of the University Libraries?

Donors of planned gifts can receive a number of financial benefits from their gifts, depending on the type of gift made. Your financial commitment today will have a direct impact on the University Libraries’ users (students, faculty and community) of tomorrow, allowing you to show your support in a very tangible way. For more information, please contact the University Libraries Dean's Office, 765-285-5277.

What opportunities are there for recognition?

We are always pleased to acknowledge the support of our donors. Donors are recognized in our newsletter unless the donor requests otherwise. There are naming and reception opportunites, among other forms of recognition for our donors.

How will making a planned gift help the University Libraries now if the money will not be available for many years to come?

Many individuals are not able to make a major gift due to any number of factors, but a gift planned to mature at a later date allows the University Libraries to move forward, secure in the knowledge that the funds will be available in the future. For many donors, the planned gift that will mature many years in the future may be larger than any outright gifts they could make at present.

What are the various types of planned or deferred gifts?

There are several types of planned or deferred gifts, and the one that is most appropriate for you depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your gift, the age of the beneficiary/beneficiaries, the amount of income needed, and the length of time income is required. For more specific information, please contact the University Libraries Dean's Office, 765-285-5277.

How do I make a matching gift?

Matching gifts are made by employers in support of charitable gifts made by their employees to certain non-profit institutions such as universities or libraries. Many companies offer to match the gifts that their employees make to certain not-for-profit institutions and organizations. If you work for a company with a matching gift program, you provide your employer with information about your gift, and the company does the rest. Some companies extend matching gift privileges to include board members, retirees and employees’ spouses. Check with your company’s Human Resources Department for additional information and a matching gift form. 

Can I make a gift anonymously?

Yes. The University Libraries will respect your desire for anonymity and will not disclose your gift if that is your desire. You can discuss your gift confidentially either in person or by telephone with the University Libraries Dean's Office, 765-285-5277.

Can my gift support multiple areas at the University Libraries?

Gifts to benefit multiple areas within the University Libraries can be easily handled. Please discuss your needs with the University Libraries Dean's Office, 765-285-5277.

Can I make my gift with a credit card? Yes. The Ball State University Foundation accepts charge cards via its online secure server.

Where should I send a gift?
Office of the Dean of University Libraries
Ball State University
Bracken Library BL-218
Muncie, IN 47306