Core Goals for Undergraduate Education
Graduates of Ball State University are individuals who realize their intellectual potential, who seek to add breadth and depth to their perspectives, and who maintain their physical well-being.                                   
Graduates of the university command extensive knowledge and a mature repertoire of cognitive, practical, and technological skills. They exhibit integrity and responsible action in their social, professional, and civic lives. They respect the histories, cultures, and needs of others. They inform their decisions through critical, creative, and scientific reasoning, and they discern the consequences of their decisions and actions at the local, national, and global levels. They acknowledge responsibility for environmental well-being and for the civic engagement that a diverse democracy requires.  

Employing scientific, critical, and creative thinking, Ball State graduates transform

  • Experience into information (isolate discrete, recognizable and usable facts),
  • Information into knowledge (analyze facts within an intellectual framework, discover meaning in  experience),
  • Knowledge into judgment (reflect on knowledge gained to make choices and direct what they think, say and do),
  • Judgment into action (take individual responsibility and contribute to the well-being of their communities).

Goals and Objectives

Rationale for the University Core Curriculum