Women’s and gender issues simply can’t be separated from the rest of society—they don’t stand alone, so our immersive learning experiences are knit into multidisciplinary projects across the university.

These experiences will give you opportunities to get involved beyond the classroom. With assistance from a faculty mentor, you and your classmates lead the project and get results that last after the project ends.

Here is an example of how immersive learning works. Students immerged thmeselves in a victim-centered perspective of the sexual assault casework process. Based on interviews with leading expersts, law enforcement, and medical examiners. The student's documentary, State of Assault, explored issues such as delays in processing rape kits; legal options for victims, and victims advocacy.  

The Title IX documentary project was a seminar offered by the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry, whose interdisciplinary courses probe real-world issues. You may also want to check out Building Better Communities Fellows, who find practical solutions for business and community partners.

Or you may become involved in planning and managing Women’s Week as a program intern. Held each year during National Women’s History Month (March), it offers exciting experiences. Often there are other related theatre productions, such as The Vagina Monologues (a play about female empowerment), that offer interesting ways to educate and learn.