Our major and minor offer study that examines women's and men's gendered experiences throughout history and across cultures, races, classes, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, age groups, abilities, and religions. We embrace a wide variety of academic approaches to the study of women, gender, and feminism in contemporary and historical societies.

Our engaging classes are small and discussion based. They are taught by about 30 affiliated faculty members from departments across the university. The fascinating course material will change how you see the world around you. And you’ll graduate empowered with knowledge, collaborative learning skills, critical thinking abilities, an appreciation of diversity, and personal growth.

We challenge you to critically investigate and evaluate through learning grounded in feminist research and theory. We acknowledge and work in the spirit of the remarkable progress that has been made toward gender equity. And we recognize and analyze how social and political forces continue to work against this advancement.

As a student, you’ll find both rigorous scholarship and an environment of respect and tolerance.