Lisa Dunaway

Lisa Dunaway


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Lisa Dunaway is the president of Sensible Ecology, LLC, a small ecological planning and design consulting firm providing a wide range of inventory, design, mapping, and planning services for local and state governments, private landowners, land trusts, non-profit organizations, and other land management, education, and conservation organizations. Her specialties include community engagement, urban ecology, design communication media, physical planning, and emergency and disaster planning.

She has a bachelor of landscape architecture degree from Ball State University and a master of science in natural resources degree, with a specialization in ecological planning, from the University of Vermont. Her graduate thesis was the creation of the Indiana Wildlife Federation’s Environmental Habitat Steward Certificate Program, a 28-hour workshop intended to train design professionals how to properly recognize, create, and maintain viable wildlife habitat in the built environment. She taught part of the workshop during the program's pilot year. Ms. Dunaway is also a certified planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners and a LEED accredited professional. She has worked as an urban planner and landscape designer since 2003.

Dunaway has been the faculty mentor for many immersive learning projects, focusing primarily on neighborhood revitalization and community building work. Her students received both the AICP Student Project Award for 2014 and the 2015 Hoosier Planning Award for Outstanding Student Project for the Old West End Neighborhood Action Plan, created in partnership with a Muncie neighborhood association.


Mounds Greenway Conceptual Plan, Muncie to Anderson, Ind.
Sensible Ecology created a conceptual master plan for the White River corridor from Muncie to Anderson at the request of the Hoosier Environmental Council. Included in the plan are various recreational trails, opportunities for economic development, and areas for land conservation. The plan is a holistic, socially, fiscally, and environmentally alternative to the proposed Mound Reservoir project. Sensible Ecology also facilitated design charrettes with community stakeholders during the design process with the assistance of LAB Architecture + Design.

Save the White River Forested Corridor, Anderson, Ind.
Dunaway provided GIS mapping services for the Heart of the River Coalition, creating maps that demonstrated the ecologically-sensitive and thriving habitat around the Mounds State Park that would be flooded by the reservoir proposed by the Anderson Corporation for Economic Development.

Keeping Hill Ecological Recommendations, Bartholomew County, Ind.
Keeping Hill is an ecologically responsible, low-impact residential community near Columbus, Ind. Various sustainable building methods were utilized on the site, such as on-site stormwater retention, groundwater recharge, and small lot sizes. Dunaway was responsible for the ecological assessment of the site as a sub-consultant to Elements Engineering, LLC. The list of ecological recommendations included a regional ecological assessment, wildlife-friendly habitat creation recommendations, a recommended plantings and planting methods inventory, habitat restoration recommendations, and additional green building techniques recommendations.

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