Format:  Students work with an instructor to create an outline of an essay similar to that of the Exam; students are able to use the outline to assist them to write a timed essay in a proctored environment

WPP 394 (Writing Proficiency Seminar) is a junior-level writing seminar that allows eligible students to demonstrate their writing proficiency according to the criteria established by Ball State University's Writing Proficiency Program.

During each 3-week Seminar, students work with an instructor who provides intensive writing instruction and helps students prepare an outline or rough draft that may be used to write a timed-writing essay. Like the essays of WPP392 (Writing Proficiency Exam), the WPP394 time-writing essay is assessed holistically by a team of readers and receives a  grade of CR or NC.

WPP394 is designated a 1-credit course and is offered on a Credit/No Credit basis. The 1 credit for WPP394 does count toward graduation, but does not assign quality points--i.e. the Seminar's grade does not impact a student's Grade Point Average. Successful completion of the Seminar satisfies the Writing Proficiency requirement.

WPP394 is offered three times a semester during the academic year, one time in Summer I, and is available in online sections for students in the Distance education baccalaureate programs.  

These registration rules apply:

  • Prior to the first day of class, WPP 394 (Writing Proficiency Seminar) students must have at least 60 completed credit hours.
  • Students must also have credit for ENG 104 or its equivalent.