Who can sign up for the Online and Distance section of WPP 392?

To be eligible to take WPP 392 (Writing Proficiency Exam) via Distance, you must be a student seeking a bachelor’s degree in one of the degree programs offered through Online and Distance Education:

In addition, you must reside more than 60 miles from the Ball State campus in Muncie. If you do not, you must come to campus to take the Exam in one of the scheduled Exam sections.

What should I do prior to registration?

  • Look at the set of articles available for the exams during the exam cycle.
  • Print out a copy of the article to work with and bring to your exam.
  • Consider your schedule during the exam week. Exams are opened for a limited period on specific days of the week; therefore, you must arrange to write your exam between 10a.m. Friday and 10p.m. Saturday (Eastern Time) on the weekend of the Exam listed.
  • Exams are proctored through Examity, Ball State's proctoring service.

How do I register?

Contact Becky Amato in the Writing Proficiency Program office at 765-285-2385 during the scheduled registration period to have permission placed on your record to register for an online section.

Once permission is placed on your record, you can sign up for WPP392 using the Self Service Banner Registration system at http://my.bsu.edu

What is the exam procedure?

  • The exams are written using Canvas and can be accessed at the arranged time through your Canvas once you are registered and the course shows on your Course List.
  • You will also need to set up a time with Examity, Ball State's proctoring service.  The time should correspond to the day on which the Exam will be given on campus.
  • On the day prior to the Exam, you will be emailed your "Dear Student" letter, which you should print out and have with you throughout the Exam.
  • On the "Dear Student" letter will be listed you Exam Number, so you will need that when you sign into the Exam.
  • You will need your Ball State ID credentials sign into the exam.
  • See exam procedures for further information about the exam setup and process.