Many people have anxiety about the Writing Proficiency Exam, and there are just as many reasons for that as there are writers. However, the best way to approach the Exam is to inform yourself about what to expect, to seek out some feedback or assistance, and to have a plan of action.

There are several ways you can receive assistance:

  1. Read through this website carefully. There is a lot of helpful information on this website about how to prepare, how to write, and what to do if you don’t succeed the first time.
  2. Attend a Help Session. These sessions give students information, so they understand what to expect, and they include a Q&A session where you can ask questions of your own. Look at the Registration Schedule for the Help Session dates, times, and places.
  3. Make an appointment with a Writing Tutor at the Writing Desk in the NQ Learning Center to go through the article, develop a strategy for writing the Exam, write a mock exam essay. You can make appointments at (765) 285-3778.
  4. Make an appointment with a Writing Proficiency Program administrator to talk about the exam. Email to make a request.

Be proactive! The Writing Proficiency Exam is not just an assessment tool for professors and administrators to use for their purposes. It is a learning tool for you—an activity that tells you something about yourself as a student and writer which you can use to improve your abilities as a communicator, writer, and thinker. So, make sure you use it to the greatest effect for you.