Writing Proficiency essays are read holistically, which means readers use the Grading Criteria to come to a conclusion about an essay; however, readers are not expected to give feedback on each essay as they read. Each essay is read at least twice—and by different readers—before it receives its final grade.

Because all essays are graded in the same environment, by a unique pool of readers, and according to the same criteria, final assessments cannot be overturned by an individual reader.

Exam and Portfolio Assessment Procedure

  • Each exam will be read by two Writing Proficiency Program (WPP) readers who use the grading criteria to evaluate the essay exam.
  • Each of these two WPP readers will give an essay exam a score of either CR or NC.
  • If the scores of the first two readers do not agree, a third reader will read the essay and decide either CR or NC.
  • The final score will be based on agreement between the readers.

See sample scorings below:

Reading A:
Reader 1: CR
Reader 2: CR
This essay would receive a score of CR

Reading B:
Reader 1: NC
Reader 2: CR
Reader 3: NC
This essay would receive a score of NC