Readers will use the following criteria to evaluate your Writing Proficiency essay(s).

1.  Expresses a mature and sophisticated claim that responds clearly 
     to the question asked.

  1.   Expresses a judgment that responds clearly to the prompt's question.

  2.   Introduces the writer's main idea through a coherently expressed claim

2.  Supports that claim with well developed and logically     
     organized reasoning.

  1.  Uses content that consistently supports the thesis or main idea. 

  2.  Sustains the focal point sufficiently throughout the essay

  3.  Meets required length through idea development.

  4.  Maintains relationships or connections between ideas within paragraphs.

  5.  Develops paragraphs consistently enough to keep readers focused on the thesis or main idea.

  6.  Provides a logical framework for judgment through connected introductory and concluding paragraphs.

3.  Provides appropriate evidence to support reasoning.

  1.  Writer uses specific examples and details from the article to support judgment.

  2.  Writer uses specific examples and details from knowledge and/or experience to     
     support judgment.

  3.  Writer does not depend too exclusively on summary and/or critique of primary
     article to develop judgment.

  4.  Writer does not depend too exclusively on example and/or personal experience     
     to develop judgment.

  5. Writer does not support judgment with serious misinformation or information that     

     is inappropriate for junior-level university writers.

4.  Understands and/or writes to the expectations of an academic

  1.  Writer uses relevant diction and stylistic conventions appropriate for junior-level     
     university writers.

  2.  Essay does not contain grammatical errors that consistently distract the reader     
     and/or obscure the writer’s meaning.

  3.  Essay does not contain spelling errors that consistently distract the reader and/or     
     obscure the writer’s meaning.