Writing Proficiency Exams are graded holistically, which means that individual essays are not marked up by the reviewers in the same way essays are when they are written for a course.

However, because all essays are assessed using the same grading criteria, it is possible to give you feedback about your exam essays.

If you would like to go over an exam attempt with a Writing Proficiency Program administrator, follow the steps below:

1. After grades are posted, request a copy of your exam by emailing writingcomp@bsu.edu To help us find the exam, provide us with the following:

  • your name
  • your student ID number
  • the section number of the exam you took.

2. You will receive an email in return which has your exam attached as a Word document. It will also give you the contact information of the administrators who will be able to meet with you.

3. Email the administrator whose office hours best suit your schedule and set up an appointment.

4. Once you have an appointment, send the administrator an electronic copy of your essay, so he or she can prepare for the meeting.

Off-campus students, you can also set up appointments to go over an essay. Follow the above steps, but specify that you are a Distance student and will need to conference about your essay over the phone or Skype.