The location of your exam will be listed on your schedule, so go into SSBanner to find where you need to go for your exam.

If you cannot find the information you need, call the Writing Proficiency Program Office at (765) 285-2385 during published office hours.

You should bring the following objects to your exam:

  1. Your BSU ID or state-issued ID for identity verification.
  2. A printed copy of the article—this may be marked up, but no extra print material may be attached to it or brought into the room. Proctors may ask you to surrender any materials they consider unacceptable, and you will need to give your copy of the article to a proctor when you leave the exam room.
  3. Old technology—pens or pencils—with which to complete pre-work.

You may bring the following to your exam:

  1. A print dictionary and/or thesaurus—no electronic dictionaries are allowed.
  2. Noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs—these may not be able to connect to the internet.
  3. If you are an international student, you may bring an electronic phrase translator to use; however, it may not connect to the internet. You will need to show a proctor this device before you begin writing.

Arrive early because it may be possible for you to begin writing your exam early if the proctors are set up and prepared.

Sign-in closes one half hour after the scheduled begin, and proctors are instructed to close sign-in at that time. For example, if sign-in for an exam is scheduled to begin at 6:30PM, you will not be able to sign in after 6:59PM. You may not reschedule an exam for later in the week if you happen to miss the sign-in window.