Each exam is written in response to ideas raised by a specific article, and a list of the articles is available at least one week before the scheduled registration period begins. These articles give you context—a set of ideas upon which to base your thinking and essay response(s)—and content, such as information and ideas, which you can use to support your response.

Therefore, in order to write the exam, you will need to prepare by doing a critical reading of and critical thinking about a published article which has been chosen for this purpose by the Writing Proficiency Program administrators.

Prior to Registration, you should look at the list on the appropriate “Articles” link on this website to find out which article will be used in which section of WPP392. Note both the name of the article and the day on which that particular article will be used, so you sign up for the correct exam.

Each set of articles is changed out at the end of the exam cycle for which they were used.