Students write a timed essay in a proctored environment; they support their claims using material from an assigned article and their own knowledge/experience.

Passing WPP392 (Writing Proficiency Exam) is one of the methods you can use to satisfy the Writing Proficiency requirement. WPP392 is a proctored, timed-writing exam which should be attempted when you have completed the following prerequisites:

  • ENG 104 or its equivalent
  • you have at least 60 but not more than 89 credits toward graduation.

WPP392 is written in a proctored, computer-enhanced environment and currently uses Canvas Quiz (File Upload) as its testing platform.  All exam takers must use Canvas Quiz (File Upload) to write the Exam, which is then graded on a CR/NC scale and has 0 credits attached to it. This means that Exam results do not affect your GPA; however, it is a graduation requirement you must satisfy in order to receive a baccalaureate degree from BSU.

Sections of WPP392 are offered at least three different times in both Fall and Spring Semesters, and they are offered at least once in the Summer. Once you have completed the prerequisites for the requirement, you should look at the exam schedule to find the best time for you to take the exam.

In order to attempt WPP392, you must register for it during the scheduled registration period. Connected to each section of the exam is an article, and you should consider all the articles on the exam list before registering for your exam.

Information about how to register, how to prepare for the exam, suggestions on how to approach writing the exam, and information on how the exams are scored can be found on the links connected to this page.