Ball State University's Writing Proficiency Program is committed to providing appropriate assessment of undergraduate student writing. Students will receive credit for this graduation requirement through successful completion of either WPP 392 (Writing Proficiency Exam), WPP 393 (Writing Proficiency Course) or WPP 394 (Writing Proficiency Seminar).

 These assessment tools are designed to assess students’ ability to do the following:  

  • think critically about topics or issues raised in a standard source. 
  • form judgments about those topics and issues through consideration of the material offered by source, their knowledge, and their own experiences. 
  • communicate judgments and the reasons for them in written essays which integrate information from the source, accrued knowledge, and their own experiences. 
  • express clearly written judgments, which are logically constructed and appropriate for junior-level college students.

Submitted by Writing Proficiency Program Advisory Committee 7/25/2010
Updated 9/24/2018.