All prompts for the Writing Proficiency Exams (WPP392) Essay 3 for Writing Proficiency Course (WPP393), and Writing Proficiency Seminar (WPP394) are written to elicit the expression of a judgment.  The essay you write will, then, express a clear judgment and use reasoning to support that claim. 

Below is the definition of "judgment" we use for Writing Proficiency Program essays:

  • Mature, sophisticated response to a question.  
  • Expressed as a claim that responds clearly to the question asked.  
  • Is supported by well-developed reasoning which indicates that the writer understands the context within which the question must be viewed.  
  • Does more than simply parrot back or revolve around critique of material or ideas of others.  
  • Draws on multiple sources and experiences to express reasoning.  
  • Understands and writes to the expectations of the audience.