Ball State University’s Writing Proficiency Program has a university-wide mission. It oversees all aspects of the Writing Proficiency Requirement, a graduation requirement for all students pursuing a bachelor's degree at Ball State University.

Follow the links on this website to find the information you need to help you satisfy this graduation requirement. You can find out the purpose of the requirement, how to sign up for the Course (WPP393), Seminar (WPP394), or Exam (WPP392) using SS Banner, how to prepare for the Writing Proficiency Exam, and what to do if you would rather attempt the Writing Proficiency Seminar or Writing Proficiency Course to satisfy the requirement.

You can also read why you should review the articles before choosing your exam section, and you can see which articles will be used for current exams.

We have answered your questions about the grading criteria, and you should browse the FAQ section for other information, such as what to do if you have a scheduling conflict.

It is important you read the material carefully and make contact with the appropriate administrators.