supplemental instruction session

Classroom or Organization Workshops and Presentations

Could your students or the members of your campus organization use a refresher on basic study skills and habits conducive to college success? Or perhaps a short informational session about tutoring? Ambassadors from the Learning Center are available to present 5-50 minute presentations on many different aspects of collegiate success.

To request a presentation, talk, or workshop, please fill out the following request form. If you have any questions, please contact the Learning Center Director.

Request Form

What Can A Learning Center Presentation Do for You?

Any faculty member, student organization officer, Academic Peer Mentor, or employer on campus may request a presentation, talk, or workshop. In the past, we have presented to academic courses as well as to many student organizations on campus.

Below are a few examples of workshops/presentations that can be requested through the Learning Center. Let us know what you need! These can be quick visits or longer workshop.

Time Flies, But You’re the Pilot: Managing Your Time for College Success

  • Identify why you procrastinate.
  • Learn how to set goals.
  • Make a weekly calendar.
  • Learn how to create doable to-do lists.

Note-taking Strategies for College Success

  • Learn various strategies for successful note-taking.

Read Faster and Retain More

  • Learn effective reading strategies that will allow you to extract content from textbooks and place it into a format that lends itself well to studying, such as physical and digital note cards, chapter outlines, study guides, and more.

Lots of Material to Memorize? Memorization Tricks and Techniques

  • Learn techniques such as acronyms, acrostics, songs, rhyming, mind maps, the story method, the Roman room, and others, to aid in memorization.

Midterm Prep: How to Take Tests Like a Boss

  • Learn studying and test-taking techniques for different testing formats.
  • Learn relaxation and visualization techniques.

Finals Boot-Camp

  • Learn studying and test-taking techniques for different testing formats.
  • Learn time management for setting up a study schedule for Finals Week prep.
  • Learn relaxation and visualization techniques.