Classroom/Organization Presentations


To request a presentation, talk, or workshop, please fill out the following request form. If you have any questions, please contact the Learning Center Director, Jenny Haley, at


Could your students or the members of your campus organization use a refresher on basic study skills and habits conducive to college success? Or perhaps a short informational session about tutoring? 

Ambassadors from the Learning Center are available to present 5-50 minute presentations on many different aspects of collegiate success, such as:


What Can the Learning Center Do for You?

  • Learning Center programming information with flyers and a few giveaways!
  • Appointment-based and drop-in tutoring
    • Course-based tutoring, study skills tutoring, writing tutoring
    • Supplemental Instruction
    • Testing accommodations for students with disabilities
  • 5-50 minutes: let us know what you need! This can be a quick visit or longer workshop.

Time Flies, But You’re the Pilot: Managing Your Time for College Success

  • Identify why you procrastinate.
  • Learn how to set goals.
  • Make a weekly calendar.
  • Learn how to create doable to-do lists.

Note-taking Strategies for College Success

  • Learn various strategies for successful note-taking.

Read Faster and Retain More

  • Learn effective reading strategies that will allow you to extract content from textbooks and place it into a format that lends itself well to studying, such as physical and digital note cards, chapter outlines, study guides, and more.

Lots of Material to Memorize? Memorization Tricks and Techniques

  • Learn techniques such as acronyms, acrostics, songs, rhyming, mind maps, the story method, the Roman room, and others, to aid in memorization.

Midterm Prep: How to Take Tests Like a Boss

  • Learn studying and test-taking techniques for different testing formats.
  • Learn relaxation and visualization techniques.

Finals Boot-Camp

  • Learn studying and test-taking techniques for different testing formats.
  • Learn time management for setting up a study schedule for Finals Week prep.
  • Learn relaxation and visualization techniques.

Any faculty member, student organization officer, Academic Peer Mentor, or employer on campus may request a presentation, talk, or workshop. In the past, we have presented to academic courses as well as to many student organizations on campus.