Can a tutor help improve study skills across the curriculum?

Yes. Topics commonly taught include time management, note taking, memory, concentration, textbook strategies, test preparation and speed reading. Specific questions can be discussed by calling 765-285-3780.

Can reading and study skills be assessed?

Yes. The Learning and Study Skills Inventory is routinely given to students requesting tutoring so the tutor will have an insight into the student's strengths and weaknesses. Additional testing is done upon request. Tutors are available to help in areas of need.

If English is a second language, is help available?

Yes! Instruction in reading and writing as it applies to the classes is available. Tutoring in specific courses is also offered.

Is someone available to help with test preparation?

Yes. Tutors can help enrolled Ball State students prepare for tests with concentration/memory techniques, establish time management plans, and provide instruction on how to study textbooks and take notes efficiently. Test taking tips for objective and essay exams can be discussed. In cases where test anxiety is a problem, an evaluation can be made followed by recommendations.

Is there a place that will offer test accommodations to students with disabilities?

Yes. Students who want test accommodations must receive eligibility through the office of Disability Services. Specific information will be provided through that office (Student Center #307, Phone: 765-285-5293).