The Learning Center Testing Desk is ready to help students with disabilities when it comes to taking tests!

Students with disabilities can use alternative testing arrangements. The first stop is the Office of Disability Services: they can assist with testing accommodations when requested. Faculty members may wish to handle their own accommodated testing. Test administration may be modified or adapted for students with disabilities when appropriate. Such accommodations may include extended time, alternate location, a scribe for test questions, use of a word processor, large print, or oral administration of test questions. Recommendations for accommodations are made by the Disability Services Director and listed in a letter of accommodation.

Students and instructors may make any arrangements for testing accommodations which are fair to the student and to the class requirements. Most students and professors agree to have accommodated tests administered by the Learning Center Testing Desk. The Learning Center houses a testing suite which includes distraction-reduced environments and adaptive technology.

Students are expected to schedule an appointment to take the test as soon as the test is announced, or at least two days in advance. Students may do this in person at the Learning Center (North Quad 350) or by calling 765-285-3779. Below are the instructions to follow when taking exams at the Learning Center.

  • Students, not faculty, should schedule their exams.
  • Students should schedule the exam at least 2 days ahead of the exam date by calling 765-285-3779 or stopping by NQ 350.
  • Remind the professor once before each test to send the exam to NQ 350.
  • Students should take the exam when the rest of the class is scheduled to take it when possible. If the class time is not during times when the Testing Desk is open, the student should inform the professor that he/she will be taking the exam at a different time than the rest of the students.
  • Be on time. If you are late, the amount of time that you missed will be subtracted from your allotted test-taking session.
  • Unauthorized aids, notes, phones, etc., will be reported to the professor and cheating of any kind will result in termination of the test.
  • All other university guidelines for test taking apply to the Learning Center’s test administration.
  • Test proctors may not explain or express opinions concerning the test; however, clarifications for specific purposes (directions, procedures, etc.) may be given.

For more information, contact the Learning Center Assistant Director at 765-285-5497.