Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Learning Center is to enhance the academic success of Ball State University students by providing free peer tutoring, Academic Coaching, Supplemental Instruction, and test proctoring for students with disabilities.  In addition, the Learning Center serves as a scholarly pre-professional experience for undergraduate and graduate student employees.  Finally, the Learning Center strives to impact the extended university community through collaboration with faculty and staff and through outreach programs.


  • Maintain the university’s commitment to the promotion of student success by providing academic assistance through peer tutoring, Academic Coaching, Supplemental Instruction, and program development which pertains to specific classes as well as broader academic skills.
  • Develop in each student the skills necessary for the attainment of academic, career, and life goals.
  • Contribute to the retention rate of first-year students.
  • Support the four-year graduate rate goal of 50% by 2017.
  • Continue professional training of the professional and student staff so that current theories, research, and teaching strategies can be implemented within the program.
  • Guide students to reach their academic potential while realizing the benefits of academic collaboration.
  • Students who participate in Supplemental Instruction will develop study skills and a greater understanding of course content, and they will successfully complete high-risk courses.
  • Students who attend tutoring sessions will be successful in gaining study skills and content knowledge in a relaxed, informal learning environment with their peers. They will benefit from interactive tutoring sessions that focus on problem-solving and critical reading and thinking.
  • Students who meet regularly with an Academic Coach will develop and follow an individualized plan throughout the semester. they will learn to take control of and direct personal learning experiences in and out of the classroom using study strategies and all campus resources.
  • All students with disabilities who are registered with the Office of Disability Services and choose to take advantage of our test proctoring services will receive accommodations that are flexible, individualized, and confidential.