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Spring 2020

 Saturday, April 25: Final exams for
 Saturday classes.

 Monday, April 27: Last meeting day
 for regular classes.

 Tuesday, April 28–Friday, May 1:
 Final exams, end of semester.

 Monday, May 11: Classes begin for
 Part of Term 1 (full summer term) and 
 Part of Term 21 (first half term). 

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For freshmen and transfer students alike, the first year at Ball State is a time of transition. You're not only adapting to a new school, but alsto a new community, new friends, and new expectations. You will make decisions about your education and your future.

New freshmen face the added challenges of greater independence and responsibility away from home and high school.

Through a multifaceted first-year experience, our faculty and staff will help you make these adjustments so you can succeed both academically and personally.

Bookmark this site for important resources and information throughout your first year.

Welcome to Campus!