The University Core Curriculum component of the undergraduate curriculum is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and values that should be held in common by all graduates of the university. The central purpose of the University Core Curriculum is to enable men and women to live rich and satisfying lives and to undertake the broad responsibilities of citizenship in a free society.

Although the University Core Curriculum seeks to discover and nurture individual talents, its primary emphasis is preparation for roles people share as human beings and as members of family and community groups.

Through their core curriculum courses, students will develop the ability to:

  • engage in lifelong education by learning to acquire knowledge and to use it for intelligent ends
  • communicate at a level acceptable for college graduates
  • clarify their personal values and be sensitive to those held by others
  • recognize and seek solutions for the common problems of living by drawing on a knowledge of historical and contemporary events and elements of the cultural heritage surrounding those events
  • assess their unique interests, talents, and goals and choose specialized learning experiences that will foster their fulfillment