Reconnect with friends, network with professionals, and celebrate the proud past and bright future of the Department of Theatre and Dance.

During this reunion weekend, we will honor the accomplishments and contributions of Beverly Bautista, Priscilla Davis, Billy Murphy, Danni Smith, Doug Stark, and Beth Turcotte. Events will include a departmental awards presentation.

Additionally, the award recipients will take part in an alumnus talk on Saturday, March 30, celebrating the history of the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Also on March 30, attend the department’s production of “Gypsy,” Beth Turcotte’s last show before her retirement in May 2019!

We look forward to seeing you! Register here

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The showcases, festivals, and workshops the department programs annually are part of our commitment to you, our students, to provide you with an abundance of learning opportunities while you are hear, and opportunities to help you transition to the professional world smoothly upon graduation. Whether you are auditioning for industry professionals in our New York Showcase, sitting down with a nationally-known playwright during Playwriting Week, or helping develop a new show during the Discovery Festival, Ball State connects you to the professional theatre world.”