Joe Court

Joe Court

Assistant Professor, Sound Designer and Teacher


Room:AC 209F

Joe Court has spent the last 22 years working professionally as a sound designer, engineer, and educator. His work has been heard in Chicago (TUTA, A Red Orchid, Mary-Arrchie, Emerald City, and many, many more), New York (59E59, Off-Broadway, NYC), Los Angeles (REDCAT at the Disney Concert Hall), McCarter Theatre Center (Princeton, NJ), The Clarence Brown Theatre (Knoxville, TN.), Great Lakes Theatre (Cleveland, OH), Virginia Stage Company (Norfolk, VA), Actors Theatre of Indiana, and the Idaho, Lake Tahoe, and Illinois Shakespeare Festivals.

As an educator he has taught at Virginia Tech, and the University of Chicago.

Joe is an artistic associate with TUTA theatre, Chicago. From 2008 until 2016, Joe served as sound engineer for the Chicago production of the Tony Award-winning musical Million Dollar Quartet. He has received 3 Joseph Jefferson Award nominations for his design work. Member, USA 829.


Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Intro to Theatre 100 1 1000 - 1050 M W F AJ, room 225
Intro to Theatre 100 4 0930 - 1045 T R RB, room 125
Design Awareness 107 1 1300 - 1350 M W F AJ, room 175
Theatre and Dance Pr 280 09A 0000 - 0000
Theatre and Dance Pr 280 9 0000 - 0000
Advanced Practicum 380 1 0800 - 0850 M AC, room 308
Immersion Experience 434 8 1500 - 1650 M W AC, room 310