Most people recognize TCOM alumnus David Letterman from his late night TV career. One of our buildings is even named in his honor. You may also be familiar with Jay Williams, CEO and chairman of Legion of Creatives and former senior vice president of creative content for Walt Disney Co. and Disneyland Resort. Or perhaps you’ve watched NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night” or SyFy’s “Face Off,” among shows produced by Dwight D. Smith’s company, Mission Control Media.

Browse below to meet just some of the hundreds of TCOM alumni working across the U.S. and abroad.

Film and Media Studies

Cassandra Eiler

Assistant Editor
Trailer Park Inc.

Cassandra Eiler

I manage media for behind-the-scenes footage on a variety of promotional campaigns, such as Beauty and the Beast, The Mummy, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I assist editors and producers in navigating footage to put together pieces for both home entertainment and theatrical campaigns as well as assisting editors with any other needs they have during the editorial process.

How Ball State prepared me for my career 

My classes at BSU, especially my film and media studies classes, gave me a deeper understanding of themes and stylistic looks of films, which I apply when marking the best of the behind-the-scenes footage for various pieces in a campaign. These classes also broadened my knowledge of film and introduced me to a wider array of movies than I had watched or appreciated before. Professors in TCOM had a big impact on preparing me to enter the field purely by being supportive and always encouraging me to pursue and explore whatever job and career options that interested me even as they changed and evolved throughout my time at BSU.

Richard L. Rogers

Video Producer and Motion Graphics Designer
The North American Spine Society

Richard RogersCurrently, I work as the all-in-one video department at a non-for-profit health care association. Whether it is planning out shoots, controlling the camera and audio on location, editing the footage, making motion graphics in After Effects or even creating the necessary 3D elements in Cinema 4d, it is my job to do it all.
How Ball State prepared me for my career 

My time at Ball State TCOM allowed me to be prepared for flexibility in all areas of production which better prepared me to wear as many hats as necessary and complete projects to the fullest potential. The professors at Ball State were exceptionally motivating in teaching the lesson - one’s success is not just how they’re performing in class, but also how that individual is furthering themselves on their own projects to hone their personal goals.

Sarah Jackett 

Staffing Associate
Bunim Murray Productions

Sarah Jackett

I am heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources department for Bunim/Murray Productions - the company who essentially founded reality TV with The Real World in 1984. From staffing for shows to planning exciting employee events to managing our internal and external websites, we make sure our employees and followers feel appreciated and are excited about our projects.

How Ball State prepared me for my career 

The Ball State TCOM department prepared me for many aspects of my current position. From the beginning, I have been familiar with the ins and outs of production as well as the impact our TV shows have on the general population in a cultural sense, which allows me to connect further with our employees and supporters. This deeper knowledge of the industry and influence it holds was gained undoubtedly in the halls of the David Letterman Communication and Media building!

D’Marcus Pulce

Digital Media Technician
T3, Turner Broadcasting System Inc.

DJ PulceI edit videos for the Cartoon Network Youtube channel which currently has over 1 million subscribers. I also edit and deliver squeeze credits, menus, and short-form, on-air projects, including writing and editing short-form mashups for our “CN Anything” show that airs in Latin America. I’ve also had the opportunity to star as on-air talent in Turner’s internal videos. This fall, I’m starting a 2-year editing apprenticeship with Turner Classic Movies.
How Ball State prepared me for my career
Ball State TCOM taught me never to be afraid to pursue all of my passions. I was continuously pushed to achieve more than what was in front of me and to trail blaze my own path. I love the TCOM program because it gave me opportunities to get involved outside the classroom and make mistakes; something that is benefitting me greatly in the ever-evolving media landscape today.

Andrew Quinn and Joe Vella

Bayonet Media

Andrew QuinnJoe Vella

Andrew: As the one of the owners of the business my role is complex. I often spend time in working with our staff to keep them creatively engaged, and fulfilled. My mind is always focused on the big picture, where Bayonet is headed, and how we are going to get there. Right now I'm working on turning original content into a sustainable revenue stream for the business. For our clients I'm working with them to create a concept that fulfills their marketing, branding, and communication goals while also making a video that's engaging for audiences. As we approach our 5th year in business, I'm blow away and proud of the organization that Joe and I have built with our friends: 2 best in show ADDYS, over 20 EMMYS, silver national ADDY, a feature independent film, 36 episode series for Fox Sports, work for companies like Toyota, Wal-mart, Bass Pro, HBO, GE, Makers Mark, and The Indiana Pacers.

How Ball State prepared us for our careers

Joe and I met while at Ball State after being introduced by a professor. Within the University we started to form our own group with other TCOM students to create projects outside of the classroom. We found many opportunities to hone our skills as we earned credit for independent studies. We met our producer, Kevin Grazioli, and produced 2 documentaries for WIPB-TV via grant money. None of this would have happened without the department and community surrounding it. Currently, Bayonet employs a total of 8 people, all of which are BSU alumni. So in a way, even after graduation, BSU and TCOM have provided continued support in the form of recruiting.

John Boone

Senior Renewal Manager

John Boone

I enable my clients to leverage technology that helps them to create competitive advantages. I work to ensure that my enterprise customers are pleased with their current solutions and demonstrate how new products can further transform their businesses on a global scale.

How Ball State prepared me for my career

I was very active with many groups at Ball State, especially the radio station, WCRD. These experiences allowed me to develop negotiation and sales skills, which I still use today. In all, my experiences would have been for nothing had it not been for the amazing faculty in the TCOM department. I have to thank them for helping to shape me for the future.

Kelly Harlow

Senior Account Executive and Digital Sales Specialist

I work with clients from a variety of industries to create, manage and execute an integrated marketing plan that will positively affect their business. In addition to my sales role, I’m a resource for our account executives in Indiana and Kentucky when they need to develop a digital sales strategy for their clients utilizing our vast digital assets and unique capabilities with iHeartRadio.

How Ball State prepared me for my career

Two words: Immersive. Learning. Without my hands-on experience at NewsLink my first semester, freshman year, I never would’ve found out that a career in broadcast news was not for me. Thanks to that experience and the direction and support from the amazing Nancy Carlson, I joined the student-run radio station, WCRD, and focused my efforts on sales. There, I worked with real clients, real money, and gained real experience in media sales years before graduation. So when it came time to find my first job, I had more knowledge and confidence than my peers because of my experience at Ball State. I’m so proud to be a Ball State TCOM grad and eternally grateful to the TCOM department, staff, and professors who continue to support me almost 10 years later.

Brian Harrington

Account Executive, Woof Boom Radio

Brian HarringtonI’ve worked in broadcast sales for over 25 years. Fifteen of those years were spent in management roles, and I later ran a small marketing company in Indianapolis. Currently, I’m at Woof Boom Radio where I’m responsible for generating and maximizing revenue for 6 Woof Boom stations. I’m also tasked with ensuring that each station has an active presence and active partnerships in their respective East Central Indiana communities. This includes supporting community development, small business development, non-profit organizations, and governments and municipalities.
How Ball State prepared me for my career
Ball State TCOM gave me access to opportunity and experience via my internship with WRTV-6 sales department and through selling advertising at the campus radio station, WCRD-FM. Those opportunities positioned me well to have added confidence and focus as I started my journey in the Industry. I was challenged extensively by the professors on staff at the time because my ego dictated that I needed to be challenged and held accountable and it was the BEST thing that could have ever happened for the “younger” ME.

Steven Albritton

Evening Anchor
KMBC 9 News, Kansas City, MO

Steven Albritton

I currently anchor the 5 p.m. & 9 p.m. newscasts Monday through Friday. I also report on special assignments. Currently my co-anchor and I are doing a year long in-depth look at the opioid crisis hitting the country.

How Ball State prepared me for my career

Ball State prepared me to hit the ground running in my first job as a MMJ reporter in Louisiana. From day one, I could go live in the field and effectively deliver strong news coverage because of all the opportunities I was able to take advantage of in the TCOM department. In a professional newsroom, they want people who don't need their hand held to get work done and stories turned in a timely fashion. I can't thank Ball State enough for making sure we were ready to be the next generation of journalists.  

Michelle Calka

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Manchester University

Michelle Calka

I teach a variety of undergraduate courses in media, research methods, and interpersonal and small group communication, and oversee the student internship program. I also direct the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, a professional development initiative on campus.

How Ball State prepared me for my career

The Digital Storytelling curriculum supported both hands-on experience and my academic research interests. The research I started at Ball State on virtual worlds became a crucial part of my research agenda. TCOM’s Digital Storytelling M.A. helped me develop the confidence to pursue a Ph.D., where I found a passion for teaching about media in addition to studying it.

Kaitlin Paege

Videographer and Photographer
Jovial Foods Inc.

Kaitlin Paege

I currently work in North Stonington, Connecticut, with Jovial Foods, an organic imported Italian food company. In addition to food photography and videography, I also assist in graphic design and social media. At least twice a year, I spend two weeks in Italy taking photos and videos (and washing dishes!) at our company’s culinary getaways for Americans in Tuscany.

How Ball State prepared me for my career

Because of the incredible teachers and the resources of Ball State's TCOM department, not only did my diploma give me a degree in my field, but upon graduating, I also had the videography skills and knowledge of the industry that helped me prepare for and successfully acquire my dream job. I even met my new boss, through my connection of a Ball State professor, while studying abroad in Italy.

Ericka Flye 

WRTV Indianapolis, IN

Ericka FlyeI’m the lead news anchor for the evening news on RTV6. I also host special features and segments.
How Ball State prepared me for my career 
The hands-on experience I received at Ball State in the area of news was a major factor in guiding me on this TV news career path. As a BSU TCOM student -- shooting video and editing, writing, reading scripts, doing production work – all of that experience translated seamlessly when I began working in this career. My first TV news job was in news production, and then I made the transition into being on-air as a news anchor. I was able to be successful in both areas due to my wide range of experiences at Ball State.

Alex Brown

Multimedia Journalist
Inside Indiana Business 

Alex BrownI report on business news throughout the state and anchor the morning radio reports for our National Public Radio affiliates. I also manage all of our social media channels.
How Ball State prepared me for my career 
The number one thing I learned in Ball State TCOM that I’ve used throughout my career is the importance of a good work ethic. My class projects and my work at WCRD taught me to be adaptable and willing to try anything to get the job done. This served me well during my days as a part-timer at Emmis Communications and led me to my first full-time job. My motto in this industry is “Never say no when you can say yes,” because people will remember the willingness and effort you put in and will help you to advance in your career.

Abby Walton

Evening Anchor/Multimedia Journalist
WCTV Tallahassee, FL

Abby WaltonI currently anchor the 5:30, 10:00, and 11 p.m. newscasts for those living in North Florida and South Georgia. In addition to anchoring, I shoot, edit and report special features and belong to several community organizations.
How Ball State prepared me for my career
I know I wouldn't be where I am today without BSU's TCOM program. The real world newsroom experience I gained while in school proved to be invaluable after graduating. Besides providing a good news foundation, our professors are great mentors, always giving constructive criticism to help us become the best version of ourselves.

Mel Watson

Executive Producer
WOIO-TV Cleveland, OH 

Mel WatsonAs executive producer, I manage the dayside news operations for 100 member news team of producers, reporters and assignment desk staff.
How Ball State prepared me for my career 
I knew from an early age I wanted to work in television news. I watched the 6:00 p.m. news, after dinner, with my dad almost every night. But watching the news and actually working in news of course was very different. Ball State prepared me for a career that’s spanned nearly thirty years by teaching me how to write and produce television news. Some words of wisdom: There are no longer single job descriptions. We are all multi-media journalists. Become expert at digital reporting and the new horizon of over-the-top content.

Cariema Wood

Community & Alumni Relations Coordinator
Cleveland Browns 

Cariema WoodI work with current players on community initiatives and activation, connecting and engaging them with those in the area to positively impact the area in which we live. I am responsible for sharing what the team does to give back to the community via web and social media outlets. I also create and improve relationships with former players in and outside of the Cleveland area to reintegrate them into the community, connect them with the current roster and develop alumni ambassadors who appear and represent on behalf of the Browns.
How Ball State prepared me for my career 
CCIM helped shape me into the person I am today. While I no longer shoot, write and put together packages for air or web, I know how to tell the story, so that when we work with our videographers and photographers, I know exactly what shots I need, what questions need to be asked, how to bring it the event or subject to life and bring it full circle. It’s amazing how many times I have to transcribe, interpret, interview and vet people. While it may not go on the news the next day, it’s still all a part of the big picture and what I do on a daily basis. I write production notes and scripts for gameday for the scoreboard features and things of that nature and I knew what I was doing, because I had the opportunity at Ball State through WCRD Live at 5, NewsLink, as a production intern at TODAY and all of the above. While, I chose not to go directly into the news field, the skills, training and work ethic have followed me into the sports realm and proved to transfer quite nicely.