We recognize the importance of practical learning opportunities by offering credit to students involved in supervised, on-the-job experiences in media-related industries. Credit may be earned for on-the-job experience at an approved off-campus media facility. 

Credits You may Earn

  • freshmen and sophomores—1-2 credits
  • juniors and seniors—1-6 credits
  • No student may earn more than a total of 6 credits


Internship credit is only available to full TCOM students. This means that you must have completed the pre-TCOM classes with a C or better and declared an option within TCOM.

How to Enroll

All internships and TCOM 391 enrollments must be approved by Sonny Wingler, the department internship coordinator.

First, fill out Internship Application

  1. Log into Cardinal Career Link (www.bsu.edu/careers)
  2. Sign in to your student account using your Ball State username and password
  3. Select My Account. If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to fill out your profile.
  4. Select Exp. Learning 
  5. Complete the Experiential Learning Application
  6. Select submit and wait for approval

Then, find an internship (if you haven’t already)

Finally, report your confirmed internship

  1. Once you have secured your internship, log back into Cardinal Career Link
  2. Then select My Account on the left side
  3. Choose Exp. Learning (the last option)
  4. Select Add New
  5. After completing all required information, select submit, and wait for approval.

After completing your internship, you will receive an email with a self-evaluation form to complete. If you need any assistance please reach out to Sam Martin.

Learn More

How to Find an Internship

Not sure where to find an internship? Here are a few places to start:

Also, consider the work you admire. Who created it? Check out those companies’ websites and look under their “Careers” or “About Us” links. Don’t see an internship posted? Email the company to inquire.

Need Help?

Contact the Ball State University Career Center and ask to speak with TCOM’s career coach. TCOM's career coach can help with your internship search, including polishing your resume and cover letter.

Have additional questions? Contact instructor Sonny Wingler, the department’s internship coordinator.