The public demands accountability from everyone involved in education. Although much of the recent emphasis has been on K-12 education, teacher preparation has also been the subject of legislative initiatives.

Through the publication of annual reports, Ball State provides transparency regarding performance at the two university-affiliated public schools, Burris Laboratory School and the Indiana Academy, and on how well it prepares college students for teaching careers.

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The governing body of each public school corporation in the state must publish an annual performance report. This report includes benchmarks and indicators of performance developed and revised by the state superintendent and the Indiana State Board of Education, and data for each of the preceding three years. The reports are compiled by the IDOE for publication.

Ball State University is the governing body for both Burris and Indiana Academy.

Ball State University’s Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) is accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Continuous Improvement (CI) model.

Ball State’s previous visit from NCATE accreditors occurred in spring 2011, and the university earned full accreditation for seven years. Our next visit will occur in spring 2018, with our Unit Self-Study and exhibits submitted in spring 2017.

The resource below can help faculty and staff across the EPP prepare for the next accreditation cycle.

Resources Provided by Ball State University EPP

CAEP Leadership Team and Standards Committees: Minutes and Other Documents

  • PEC 2016-17
  • PEC 2015-16
  • PEC 2009-10 through 2014-15
  • Decision Point Committee Agendas and Minutes

EPP Assessment Data

Teacher’s College is Ball State University’s Educator Preparation Provider (EPP). Teacher’s College understands that data is essential to the continuous improvement of all academic programs.

Below are key datasets that Teachers College uses to assess how Ball State candidates perform and other reports of interest. In addition to the data generated by our own EPP, we have provided data from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), Pearson, and the BSU Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

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