Ball State University’s Teachers College is the largest educator preparation program in Indiana. Ball State University offers over 30 nationally recognized programs across six colleges. Students in Ball State University’s program are provided with many opportunities to exhibit excellence in their content area and in pedagogy through rigorous preparation and rich and diverse practicum experiences.

In 2018, Ball State University earned full accreditation at the initial preparation level by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). More information about CAEP accreditation may be found on the CAEP website or by calling (202) 223-0077.

The State Board of Education has also approved all initial and advanced licensure programs at Ball State University. Teachers College monitors state requirements for educator licensure to comply with all current state requirements.

Ball State University CAEP Reporting Measures and other Data Points

Ball State University Initial and Advanced Licensing Programs

Satisfaction of Employers (CAEP Standard 4.3 and CAEP Advanced Standard 4.1)

Satisfaction of Completers (CAEP Standard 4.4 and CAEP Advanced Standard 4.2)

Indicators of Teacher Effectiveness (CAEP Standard 4.2)

Impact on P-12 Learning and Development (CAEP Standard 4.1)

Information will be available soon.

Graduation Rates (Initial and Advanced)

CAEP Standard 3.2 Data, Diversity and Gender Data

Ball State University Surveys

Data from the first administration of this survey will be available in June of 2020

Title II Reports

Ability of Completers to Meet State Licensing Requirements (Initial and Advanced)

Ability of Completers to be Hired in Educational Positions for Which They have Prepared (Initial and Advanced)

Student Loan Default Rates

  • 2020 5.4%
  • 2019 5.3%
  • 2018 4.7%
  • 2017 5.2%
  • 2016 4.4%